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KremkoinIconLeft.png Klasp Kremkoin.png
A Klasp

A Klasp.
Residence Northern Kremisphere
Family Kremling family
Species Kremling
Affiliations Kremling Krew
Powers/Abilities Climbs rope and explodes on contact
Enemies Dixie Kong
Kiddy Kong
Games Donkey Kong Country 3
Donkey Kong Land III

Klasps are red Kremlings that dwell inside a TNT Barrel, known for climbing across ropes. They appear in Donkey Kong Country 3 and Donkey Kong Land III.

Klasps are the successor to Kabooms from Donkey Kong Country 2 since both hide in TNT Barrels. Klasps are similar to Kuchukas and Knockas, which also wear Barrels. Krackas were originally planned as the land variant to Klasps in Donkey Kong Country 3 but were eventually scrapped during development. (They did briefly appear in the Game Boy Advance remake).

Klasps' behavior is referenced by their name, which is a pun on "clasp", meaning to firmly hold on to something.


Klasps always wear a TNT Barrel, which has a small hole in which they peek out and a set of crocodile jaws painted on. Klasps reach their arms out from above to grab on the ropes. Klasps are red-scaled, as shown by their arms and eyelids, but official artwork depicts them at a lighter color than their TNT Barrel.


Donkey Kong Country 3[edit]

Klasps first appeared in Donkey Kong Country 3. Their first level appearance is in the boardwalk level Kreeping Klasps; the level prominently features Klasps, and their name is even featured in the level's title. Klasps most often appear in mountain levels such as Krevice Kreepers and Criss Kross Cliffs.

In Kreeping Klasps, the Klasps always move in a fixed pattern but in Krevice Kreepers onward, they remain idle until Dixie and Kiddy walk underneath them. The Klasps then follow the Kongs based on the direction they move.

The Kongs cannot defeat Klasps harmlessly because of their invulnerability to attacks. Klasps can only defeat themselves by exploding from collision into Dixie or Kiddy, which also hurts that Kong.

During the ending credits, Dixie Kong's Photo Album shows that Klasps fall under the class "Kremling Kreeps".

Donkey Kong Land III[edit]

Klasps make their second and latest appearance in Donkey Kong Land III. Their role is nearly the same as in Donkey Kong Country 3, like with most of the characters. Klasps only had a single behavioral change: they always move in a fixed pattern (just like in Kreeping Klasps) and not also in the Kong's direction. In addition, either Kong can harmlessly defeat Klasps by using their temporary invincibility resulting from being hit by another enemy (Klasp or otherwise).




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