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KremkoinIconLeft.png Re-Koil Kremkoin.png
Re-Koil - Donkey Kong Country 3.png
Artwork of Re-Koil.
Residence Northern Kremisphere
Species Kremling
Affiliations Kremling Krew
Powers/Abilities Bouncing on their tails like springs
Enemies Dixie Kong
Kiddy Kong
Games Donkey Kong Country 3
Donkey Kong Land III

Re-Koils, also known as Rekoils, are orange Kremlings and grunts of the Kremling Krew. Their main attribute is their big tail, which they use to bounce into the air. Re-Koils appear in both Donkey Kong Country 3 and Donkey Kong Land III.

Re-Koils replace both the jumping Kritters and Kaboings from Donkey Kong Country and Donkey Kong Country 2 respectively.


Re-Koils have orange scales, unlike most Kremlings, and a yellow belly. Their big tail allows for them to spring high into the air, which could be based on Tigger from the Winnie-the-Pooh series. Re-Koils have four fingers and three toes, with a claw on each one. Re-Koils always give a derp expression, given their tongue always sticks out and their eyes point in opposite directions.


Donkey Kong Country 3

Re-Koils first appear in Donkey Kong Country 3. They are semi-common enemies, and are mostly featured in mill and mountain levels. They first appear in the level Murky Mill.

Re-Koils' only pattern is bouncing, either between two positions or in a fixed position. Some Re-Koils only bounce without getting off the ground. Dixie and Kiddy can use any method to defeat Re-Koils, including tossing a Barrel, using the Cartwheel move, or jumping on them. The lead Kong will get injured if they touch a Re-Koil, just like the other enemies.

Re-Koils appear in 8 levels, in order: Murky Mill, Riverside Race, Squeals on Wheels, Kreeping Klasps, Tracker Barrel Trek, Krack Shot Kroc, Koindozer Klamber, and Criss Kross Cliffs. In the Game Boy Advance re-release they appear in three Pacifica levels, tallying up to 11 levels in total: Dingy Drain-Pipe, Stormy Seas, and Cliffside Blast.

Donkey Kong Land III

Re-Koils reappear in Donkey Kong Land III, and have the same behavioral patterns as in Donkey Kong Country 3. Their first level appearance is in Total Rekoil. As the level's name implies, Re-Koils are the level's main feature.

Re-Koils were recolored yellow in the Japan-exclusive Game Boy Color re-release.

Re-Koils appear in double the amount of levels than in Donkey Kong Country 3, which makes 16 levels in total. They appear in a more variety of landscapes. Re-Koils appear in these levels, in order: Total Rekoil, Liftshaft Lottery, Miller Instinct, Jungle Jeopardy, Footloose Falls, Karbine Kaos, Rockface Chase, Tropical Tightropes, Clifftop Critters, Rickety Rapids, Bazuka Bombard, Stalagmite Frights, Kuchuka Karnage, Haunted Hollows, Barrel Boulevard, and lastly Ghoulish Grotto.

Leftover model of a Re-Koil.

Donkey Kong 64

An unused model for Re-Koil exists in the Donkey Kong 64 kiosk demo's files. It does not appear as an unused file in the retail version.[1] It is unknown whether Re-Koil was a planned character or if the model is a test file.





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