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Karbine Kaos

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ExitIsNearSign.png Karbine Kaos ExitSign.png
World Great Ape Lakes
Type Factory

Bonus level(s) 2
Animal Buddies Squitter
Enemies encountered Sneeks, Kobbles, Re-Koils, Krumples, Bazukas, Karbines

Game Donkey Kong Land III

Karbine Kaos is the fourth level of Great Ape Lakes in the game, Donkey Kong Land III. Simian Shimmy is after this level.


Squitter evades a Bazuka and gets to a Bonus Barrel

Karbine Kaos takes place in a factory, and introduces the Karbine enemy. There are also molten lava pools, which much be avoided; Dixie Kong or Kiddy Kong will get injured immediately on contact. There are also some tightropes for them to climb to avoid the molten lava pools. Squitter the Spider is playable for the first half of the level and he can help the Kongs reach bonus areas and get across molten lava. Squitter isn't required to progress in the level, but can be used to reach a Bonus Barrel that is inaccessible otherwise. In the latter half of the level, the duo are on their own against the various Kremlings patrolling the factory. There are a variety of enemies featured in this stage, including Re-Koils and a Krumple. The Koin of Karbine Kaos is found by keeping to the left wall when jumping down a gap past the Star Barrel.


  • Bazuka
  • Karbine
  • Kobble
  • Koin: After going down the first gap past the Star Barrel, the Kongs must the go to the left down the gap until reaching a boardwalk on the left. They must pass a Bazuka and a platform until seeing a Steel Keg and throw it at the nearest wall behind the Koin with the DK Coin and throw the Steel Keg at him.
  • Krumple
  • Re-Koil
  • Sneek


Squitter finds a Bear Coin

Bonus Levels

  • Find the Token! -- This bonus barrel is accessed by becoming Squitter, then going up the hole in the ceiling with a Banana trail near a Kobble. A Bazuka guards the bonus barrel, but Squitter's web platforms can be used to avoid its line of fire easily. In the stage, thirty seconds are given to cross a gap with some Buzz enemies flying about. Squitter's web platforms are needed to cross. He can also defeat Buzz with his web spit attack.
  • Collect the Stars! -- After the Kongs are launched onto a tightrope, they must proceed left to find the bonus barrel in plain sight. Twenty seconds are allotted to get nine stars that are strung between Rotatable Barrels.