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Redwood Rampage

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ExitIsNearSign.png Redwood Rampage ExitSign.png
World Blackforest Plateau
Theme Treetop Tumble

Bonus level(s) 2
Animal Buddies Squawks
Enemies encountered Buzzes, Sneeks, Bristles, Koin, Minkey

Game Donkey Kong Land III

Redwood Rampage is a level in Donkey Kong Land III in the world, Blackforest Plateau. The next stage is the area boss against Arich.


Kiddy dodged some Minkys, and climbs to the Bonus Barrel.

The first half of Redwood Rampage is similar to Minky Mischief, where it takes place in large hollow trees, there are ropes to climb, and there are Minky enemies throwing projectiles. Dixie Kong and Kiddy Kong must navigate the tree while avoiding said Minkys, Buzzes, Bristles, and Sneeks. They can also utilize Nid to reach high up places; for instance, the very first Nid encountered jumps up to a branch with an Extra Life Balloon. The level's Koin is found to the left of the "O" KONG Letter. After the Star Barrel, Squawks is playable, and is a valuable asset in getting through the remainder of the level. There are Buzz enemies in Squawks' way, but his nut-spit attack can defeat them easily.



Dixie descends a rope to the "K" Letter
  • DK Barrel: 3
  • Extra Life Balloon: 3
  • KONG Letters:
    • K: Found on a rope near a Buzz.
    • O: On a tree branch found after jumping on two Nid.
    • N: Near a Buzz found shorty after becoming Squawks.
    • G: Found on a tree branch connecting two trees as Squawks.

Bonus Levels

  • Find the Token!: This bonus level is found by taking a detour left after climbing down a rope with two Buzzes. Getting to the bonus barrel can be a little tricky due to some Minkys on the tree near the rope climb up to it. In the bonus stage, thirty seconds are given to find the Bonus Coin. The heroes must climb up a rope with some Minkys throwing projectiles at them, and then climb down another rope with Minkys.
  • Bash the Baddies!: This bonus barrel is invisible, and is in the area directly below the "G" Letter. As Squawks, forty seconds are given to defeat eight Buzz in a moderately sized area of hollow trees. An Extra Life Balloon can be obtained by taking a detour in the route to the end of the stage.


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