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Kuchuka Karnage

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ExitIsNearSign.png Kuchuka Karnage ExitSign.png
World Lost World
Type Factory
Theme Nuts and Bolts

Bonus level(s) 2
Animal Buddies Squawks (bonus stage only)
Enemies encountered Buzz, Kobble, Re-Koil, Knik-Knak, Bazuka, Karbine

Game Donkey Kong Land III

Kuchuka Karnage is the second level of the Lost World in Donkey Kong Land III. Haunted Hollows proceeds this stage.


Kiddy on a tightrope with two Karbine in the background.

Kuchuka Karnage follows a similar vein to the levels Karbine Kaos and Bazuka Bombard, where they are factory levels named after a particular enemy, and that enemy does not appear particularly often in said level. Kuchukas are seen primarily at the start in the level, but not so much beyond. The level plays like a simple factory level, with tightropes to climb, some of which have Klasp, Karbines will open fire at the heroes, and Bazuka will launch Wooden Barrel projectiles at them. Dixie Kong and Kiddy Kong will have to traverse the factory while avoiding these enemies and staying above pools of molten lava. The level's Koin is behind the End of Level Flag. Dixie/Kiddy should hold a Steel Barrel as they pass the flag in order to confront Koin, and collect the DK Coin.



  • Animal Barrel: 1
  • Bear Coin: 2
  • DK Barrel: 3
  • KONG Letters:
    • K: On a tightrope, found after two Karbines.
    • O: Obtained after getting launched out of a barrel cannon following a part of the level where a gap is traversed by moving platforms.
    • N: Obtained by going east at the fork in the level's path with a Rotatable Barrel.
    • G: A Barrel Cannon will launch the duo into the "G" Letter found normally in the level.
  • No Animal Sign: 1

Bonus Levels

  • Collect the Stars! -- The first bonus barrel is found by following a banana trail down an abyss in a segment of the level where an abyss with moving platforms must be crossed. 18 stars must be collected within twenty seconds. The stars are all found in groups of three. A Bazuka, Kuchuka, and two Karbine guard the stars.
  • Collect the Stars! -- The second bonus barrel is located west of the fork in the level path with a Rotatable Barrel. Thirteen stars myst be amassed within twenty seconds. Squawks the Parrot's Animal Barrel is available for use; he must be used to get high up and grab the stars. Most of the stars are within the line of fire of Bazukas. Squawks cannot defeat the Bazukas but can destroy their Wooden Barrel projectiles by spitting a nut at them. The Bonus Coin will appear in the upper right corner of the room.


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