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DKCoinIconLeft.png Bleak DKCoinIconLeft.png

Residence Bleak's House, K3 (DKC3)
Bleak Magic (DKL3)
Species Live snowman
Affiliates Kremling Krew, KAOS
Powers/Abilities Throwing snowballs,
Shooting snow boulders out of his hat
Enemies Dixie Kong
Kiddy Kong
Kong Family
Games Donkey Kong Country 3
Donkey Kong Land III

Bleak (ブリーク Burīku) is a large, sinister-looking snowman that appears as a boss in Donkey Kong Country 3 and later in Donkey Kong Land III. Bleak resembles the stereotypical snowman by having the traditional top hat, scarf, and carrot nose. As a contrast to that, he has a very deranged and sinister look and is quite bulbous in appearance. He also wears sleeve cuffs and fancy shoes.


Bleak's boss fight in the SNES version of DKC3.

Bleak's House[edit]

Bleak is fought in Bleak's House in Donkey Kong Country 3's world K3. In this game, Bleak's main attack pattern is to stay at a distance and throw snowballs. Bleak's weak spot is the glowing red part located on his tie. This means that Dixie Kong and Kiddy Kong must grab some snowballs and throw it at Bleak's weak spot enough times, much like throwing balls at the targets in Swanky's Sideshow in the Super Nintendo version of DKC3. If Bleak is far away, the player must input "up" on the directional pad to change to change their throw distance. When Bleak is close, the player must do the opposite, pressing "down" for a close range shot. After being hit a couple of times, Bleak starts to use a new attack tactic: firing snowballs from his hat. He can launch up to four giant snowballs at once from his hat, meaning Dixie and Kiddy have to be extra careful to avoid the giant snowballs attacking them. When the heroes deal enough damage, Bleak has some sort of seizure and then explodes.

In the Gameboy Advance version of the game, the lead Kong no longer has to press "up" or "down" to alter their throw distance, and Bleak's fight was extended.

Bleak Magic[edit]

Bleak is re-battled in Bleak Magic, part of the world Primate Plains, in Donkey Kong Land III. Unlike the previous battle, he is altered in such a way that his whole body is shown, as the Game Boy is unable to support three-dimensional snowball fights. Instead, Bleak only attacks by firing snowballs from his hat and must be attacked by having a barrel thrown at him. After each hit, his snowball attacks become more aggressive. Defeating Bleak with these tactics allow Dixie and Kiddy to go to Blackforest Plateau.


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