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The Game Boy Advance is a handheld video game console manufactured by Nintendo. It is the third installment of the Game Boy franchise. It is backwards compatible with Game Boy and Game Boy Color games.

The Game Boy Advance also has two different models: the Game Boy Advance SP and the Game Boy micro.

Donkey Kong titles[edit]

The Game Boy Advance has two original Donkey Kong titles: DK: King of Swing and Mario vs. Donkey Kong. The original Donkey Kong Country trilogy was also re-released on this handheld.

The Game Boy Advance also has three cancelled Donkey Kong titles. The first is Diddy Kong Pilot, later retooled entirely, and Donkey Kong Coconut Crackers. The former was cancelled because Nintendo disliked the idea of characters racing in a flat landscape,[1] and the latter was cancelled because Rare decided to just show Star Fox Adventures at E3 2002, likely because of an agreement with Microsoft.[2]






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