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Squeals on Wheels

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ExitIsNearSign.png Squeals on Wheels ExitSign.png
World Kremwood Forest
Type Mill
Theme Mill Fever

Bonus level(s) 2
Animal Buddies Parry the Parallel Bird
Enemies encountered Sneeks, Buzzes, Re-Koils, Booty Bird

Game Donkey Kong Country 3

Squeals on Wheels is the third level located in Kremwood Forest. It is the eighth level overall in Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!, after Riverside Race.


A Red Buzz encircles a Sneek, posing as an obstacle.

This level takes place inside of a mill and mainly focuses on Sneeks whom need to be defeated via Steel Kegs in order to advance through the closed doors. A unique characteristic of this level is the fact that the level exit is located near the beginning of the level, but cannot be entered at the start because all of the Sneeks of the level must be defeated prior. Aside from the Sneeks, Buzzes, Re-Koils and a lone Booty Bird are located in this area.

Squeals on Wheels also has the debut of a new Animal Buddy, Parry the Parallel Bird. Parry will fly parallel to Dixie Kong and Kiddy Kong as they proceed through the latter portion of the level. Parry will grab any items it can touch, and will be defeated upon contacting an enemy, unless the enemy is a Booty Bird, in which case it will pop the Booty Bird with its beak, defeating it. Successfully escorting Parry to the No Animal Sign will reward the heroes with a blue Extra Life Balloon. Finishing this level will lead to Springin' Spiders in the original Super Nintendo version of the game, and will lead to Barrel Shield Bust-Up in the Game Boy Advance remake.



Dixie approaches the No Animal Sign with Parry.
  • Barrels:
    • Star Barrel: Close to the letter O.
    • DK Barrel: There is one right after the first Sneek on a wheel.
    • Warp Barrel: After going through the first door, Kiddy must throw Dixie in the top-left corner to reveal a Warp Barrel which takes them to the End of Level Flag.
  • DK Coin: Above a Sneek right before the letter N. A hidden area can be found above the wheel; the Team-up move must be used to reach the area. There, a Koin can be found and the Kongs must grab a nearby Steel Keg to throw behind the Koin while its shield points forward. Then, the Steel Keg attacks the Koin and the DK Coin is obtained.
  • K-O-N-G Letters:
    • K: On a raised piece of land, located after the second Sneek.
    • O: Located on a raised elevated part of the level on the next of the second rope in the level.
    • N: After the Star Barrel and on an elevated area, next to the fourth Sneek on a wheel.
    • G: Inside of the Booty Bird at the end of the level.
  • No Animal Sign: 1

Bonus Areas

  • Collect the Stars! -- After the letter O, Dixie and Kiddy must go up an elevator to encounter a Sneek. The two then need to use their team-up move on the wheel, then on the ledge. There is a Bonus Barrel found on the right and leads them in a "Collect the Stars" mini-game where the two must collect twenty stars within a maximum time of twenty seconds. they must jump over Sneeks on wheels while collecting the stars and then get a Bonus Coin.
  • Grab 15 Bananas! -- Right after the Star Barrel, there are two Sneeks on wheels. The team-up move must be used in order to get on top of the wheel. Above the wheels, there is a Bonus Barrel needing to be entered. It is the same concept as the previous level, but fifteen green bananas need to be collected within a maximum of thirty seconds. Then, they can receive the Bonus Coin.


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