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KremkoinIconLeft.png Klampon Kremkoin.png
Klampon - DKC2 Art.png

A Klampon.
Residence Crocodile Isle
Species Kremling,
Klap Trap
Affiliations Kremling Krew
Powers/Abilities Biting
Enemies Diddy
Games Donkey Kong Country 2
Donkey Kong Land 2

Klampon is an enemy that appears in both Donkey Kong Country 2 and Donkey Kong Land 2.


Klampons are blue crocodiles with red spots, small bodies, big heads and jaws, and bulging eyes. They are relatives of Klap Traps from Donkey Kong Country. They bear an extreme resemblance to each other, although the Klampon is a bit larger than a Klaptrap. Both enemies share the same way of attack, and are invulnerable to a frontal attack as well as an attack from behind. However a stomp will take care of them. They are also vulnerable from a cartwheel or spin attack from above, unlike Klaptrap. Sometimes Klampons appear with their functional opposites (weak to frontal attacks but immune to jump attacks), the Spinies. This makes it harder to defeat the group of enemies, as defeating one may accidentally lead to being hurt by the other.