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Tearaway Toboggan

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ExitIsNearSign.png Tearaway Toboggan ExitSign.png
World K3
Type Snow
Theme Hot Pursuit
Notable features The Kongs ride the toboggan for a majority of this level.
Bonus level(s) Two
Animal Buddies None
Enemies encountered Skiddas, Knik-Knaks, Buzzes, Booty Bird, Koin

Game Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!

Tearaway Toboggan is the second level of K3, unlocked by getting through Krevice Kreepers.


Kiddy, riding the toboggan, is about to land on a Skidda.

In this level, Dixie Kong and Kiddy Kong ride in a high-speed toboggan, and along the way, they encounter pitfalls and small, snow-covered houses. They must jump over abysses and watch out for Baron K. Roolenstein's minions. Buzz are a common enemy in this level, and can be jumped on for a height boost while riding the toboggan. Skiddas are also found aplenty, being mobile enemies that are sometimes found in groups. Knik-Knaks are also found in this stage, serving as immobile obstacles that usually reward the player for jumping onto them.

The toboggan could be considered tricky to maneuver, due to its speed. Sometimes, the toboggan will have to ride atop the small houses' roofs to progress through this level. The level's Koin is found by going east of the End of Level Flag, and a Green Extra Life Balloon can be obtained by utilizing a Team-Up throw towards the northeast corner of the level's end. After raising the level flag, the next level, Barrel Drop Bounce, opens up.



Kiddy will land on a Knik-Knak and a Banana Bunch.
  • Bear Coins: 6
  • Barrels:
  • DK Coin: At the end of the level, after the Kongs disembark the toboggan, they are fired at a Steel Keg, which must be carried past the Level Flag and tossed at a wall behind Koin. When thrown, the Steel Keg ricochets off the wall and defeats Koin, who drops behind a DK Coin.
  • Extra Life Balloons:
    • Red: 1
    • Green: 1
  • K-O-N-G Letters:
    • K: Above a house found after some Buzz near the start of the level.
    • O: Located next to the second pit from the Star Barrel.
    • N: Shortly after the first house ahead of the Star Barrel, the "N" Letter is at the left side of a depression in the path.
    • G: Located right before the two small houses near the end of the level.

Bonus Levels

  • Bash the Baddies!: The first Bonus Barrel is near the start of the level. Dixie and Kiddy must jump into a Barrel Cannon above a red Buzz. The cannon should blast the two at a bottom-right angle so that they land in an invisible Bonus Barrel. In this Bonus Level, the Kongs have to defeat three flying Knik-Knaks within fifteen seconds. Because they are in midair, the lead Kong must toss the following one at the Knik-Knaks. There is also a DK Barrel in this room. When the three have been defeated, a Bonus Coin appears at the rightmost area.
  • Collect 50 Stars!: Near the end of the level, right after the letter G, are two houses: beneath the second house is a Buzz adjacent to a Bonus Barrel. The lead Kong (Dixie or Kiddy) must carefully jump over Buzz and avoid landing on the house's rooftop and instead in the Bonus Barrel. In the Gameboy Advance remake, the Buzz in front of the bonus barrel was removed, making it much easier to get into. In this Bonus Level, the Kongs ride in a toboggan rapidly moving downhill. They must collect fifty stars, some positioned on or under log cabins, within ten seconds to summon a Bonus Coin at the end of the area.


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