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Buzzer Barrage

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ExitIsNearSign.png Buzzer Barrage ExitSign.png
World Razor Ridge
Type Cave
Theme Cavern Caprice

Bonus level(s) 2
Animal Buddies Quawks the Parrot
Enemies encountered Booty Bird, Knik-Knaks, Buzzes, Koin

Game Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!

Buzzer Barrage is the initial level of Razor Ridge. It is accessible after finishing K3 in the original Super Nintendo version of Donkey Kong Country 3. In the Gameboy Advance remake, it is available immediately after acquiring the Turbo Ski.


Quawks rolls a Steel Barrel into a Booty Bird.

Buzzer Barrage begins with providing the player with a DK Barrel and an Animal Barrel for Quawks the Parrot. Quawks is played for the entirety of the level. Quawks can fly freely throughout the cavern, but cannot directly attack any foes along the way. In order to damage the various Buzz and Booty Bird enemies in the cave, Quawks must procure a Wooden Barrel or Steel Barrel, and drop it on top of the enemies. The level also introduces Kopter, an aerial enemy that fly in set paths. They cannot be hurt, and serve as obstacles. The level essentially boils down to avoiding Kopter enemies and using barrels to defeat Buzzes. Some Red Buzz enemies will obscure Quawks' ability to directly drop barrels onto enemies; If a barrel cannot be dropped onto its intended target, Quawks can drop the barrel near the target and it will roll into it instead.

The end of the level has a No Animal Sign which will revert Quawks back into Dixie Kong or Kiddy Kong. The heroes can jump on top of the Kopter's head that flies in the area near the End of Level Flag to find a Bonus Barrel on one side, and a blue Extra Life Balloon and a Bear Coin on the other side. Proceeding this level is a Wrinkly's Save Cave (SNES) / Cranky's Dojo (GBA), and access to Björn's Chairlifts. Utilizing the chairlifts will bring the heroes to the level, Kong-Fused Cliffs.



Quawks holds a Steel Barrel over Koin's head.
  • Animal Barrel: 1 (Quawks)
  • Bear Coin: 3
  • DK Barrels: 4
  • DK Coin: The Koin enemy is encountered normally while progressing in the stage, past the open space with several Buzzes beyond the Star Barrel. The Steel Barrel is found by taking a path northwest of the Koin, by flying between two Kopters.
  • K-O-N-G Letters:
    • K: Obtained by defeating a Booty Bird past some Kopters at the beginning.
    • O: The "O" Letter, similar to the "K" letter, is also gotten by defeating a Booty Bird. It is encountered beneath two Red Buzz; a Steel Barrel can be rolled under the Buzzes to reach the Booty Bird.
    • N: Found past the Koin.
    • G: There will be a point in the level where the path is blocked by three Green Buzz. A wooden barrel must be used to defeat the top Buzz to access the "G" Letter.
  • No Animal Sign: 1

Bonus Levels

  • Bash the Baddies!: The first Bonus Barrel is found by proceeding right at a fork in the path with a Kopter. A Red Buzz will be flying over a Green Buzz, and if a Wooden Barrel is dropped with proper timing on the green Buzz, it will be defeating, giving way to the bonus barrel. In the stage, 55 seconds are provided to defeat the Buzzes in the room. There's seven Buzz in total.
  • Collect 40 Stars!: The last Bonus barrel is reached by jump on top of a Kopter's head repeatedly right before the End of Level Flag. In the stage, Dixie/Kiddy must amass forty stars in a small room. A Kopter is flying in the middle of the room, and must be jumped on to gain the height necessary to reach all of the stars.


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