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DKCoinIconLeft.png Mugly DKCoinIconLeft.png
Mugly - Donkey Kong Country Returns.png

Residence Mugly's Mound
Family Thugly
Species Unknown
Affiliates Tiki Tak Tribe
Powers/Abilities Ramming at a fast speed,
Attacking with his horn,
Can jump high,
Can grow spikes on its back
Enemies Donkey Kong
Diddy Kong
Games Donkey Kong Country Returns

Mugly is a lizard-like beast who acts as a boss in the Jungle area of Donkey Kong Country Returns. Like many of the other animals on Donkey Kong Island, Mugly is under the control of the Tiki Tak Tribe.


Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong encounter him in a colosseum eating many of Donkey Kong's bananas. Mugly is then hypnotized by Kalimba and forced to attack Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong. It attacks by charging at them. The Kongs can jump over its attack and land on the target-like area on Mugly's back to cause damage. Over the course of the battle, Mugly will move faster, do high jumps, and become enraged. Mugly takes a total of nine hits. After the battle, Kalimba will emerge, dizzied, and the heroes can punch Kalimba out of the arena.

Trophy Description from Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS

Name NTSC-U Description PAL Description
Mugly Mugly doesn't even peel bananas before eating them! Maybe he gets his yellow skin that way. I'm sure he's a lovable monster when he isn't controlled by evil Tikis. When he charges, his spikes go away—maybe so he can go faster? It definitely exposes his weak spot... You know how eating carrots all the time can turn you orange? If bananas have a similar effect, that might explain Mugly. His spikes retract whenever he charges, which is either a sign of his better nature when he's not hypnotised by the Tiki Tak Tribe, or just a regular old weak point!



  • Diddy can "feed" peanuts to the bosses Mugly or Thugly. If either of their mouths are open, they will catch them. After a certain amount of peanuts, they will stop to chew on the nuts, and expose their weak points, making them vulnerable to attack. This is indicated by hearts surrounding their heads, and only lasts for a short time. The player can only deal one hit, and then the boss will come back to their senses.

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