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Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
DKC-TF Boxart.jpg
Developer(s) Retro Studios
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platforms Wii U
Release date: Japan February 13, 2014
USA February 21, 2014[1]
Europe February 21, 2014[2]
Australia February 22, 2014[3]
Genre Platformer
Modes Single player, Multiplayer

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is a 2.5D platforming game for the Wii U. It is the fifth installment of the Donkey Kong Country series, and the sequel to Donkey Kong Country Returns for the Wii. It is also the second game in the series to be developed by Retro Studios, the first to use HD graphics, the third to feature Dixie Kong, and the second to not feature the Kremlings.


At Donkey Kong's Treehouse, the Kong family are celebrating Donkey Kong's birthday with a banana-themed cake. While the four are celebrating, one of the balloons detatches from the exterior of the house and drifts out towards the ocean where a fleet of ships, sailed by vikings called the Snomads, are stationed. On the fleet, a Tuck spies on the Kongs, as it locates their house and warns their mysterious leader. More tucks appear, giving the leader, Lord Frederick, a large misty horn. By blowing it, he sends out an intense, cold wind, along with an icy bird.

Meanwhile, back at the house, the camera briefly focuses on Diddy Kong, who is blowing a kazoo, before focusing on Donkey Kong, about to blow out his candle, when a snowflake suddenly appears and extinguishes it for him. Enraged, DK and the others look outside, to see the icy bird as it freezes everything it flies over. The strong wind it produces blows the Kongs all the way to the Lost Mangroves, dropping them into a plane-wreckage that's sitting in a tree, (while the bird continues to turn Donkey Kong Island into an icy paradise). After traversing this unfamiliar location, plus four other islands, (with each island being its own world with a unique theme), the Kongs make it back to the island, and must get their home (as well as their Banana Hoard) back by beating the evil conquerors.

Upon traversing the many regions of DK Island once more, DK and co. enter the newly-created base on top, entering a large room where Lord Frederick is sitting on this throne as many Tucks blow horns. The angered gorilla jumps down onto the icy floor, his fist making it crack. After revealing his true appearance, Frederick jumps down onto the ice sheet, causing it to shatter completely. Fortunately, the trio land down on some footing inside the Volcano, (where the lava is still intact). After a final showdown, Frederick is blown out of Donkey Kong Island and into the sea, where his girth causes the entire fleet of ships to get destroyed. The four Kongs rejoice as Donkey Kong catches the large saxophone-like log and uses it to restore Donkey Kong Island to its normal state. Afterwards, DK, Diddy, Dixie and Cranky are seen on DK's porch, (playing Frederick's horn, a set of bongos, a guitar, and a bass respectively) before the credits roll.


The Kongs control similarly to their previous appearances in the Donkey Kong Country series. As in the previous game, the player is able to play a local co-op mode, and enter Time Attack mode on completed levels. Though this time, players can chose which partner character's barrels appear in the level, and save replays of their performance to share online with friends. Easy mode from Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D will also return. In addition, there will be collectibles and secret areas that can only be reached by certain characters, similar to Donkey Kong 64. The swimming mechanic makes its return in this game, though this time players have an air-gauge, and must grab bubbles to stay alive. During swimming sections, the player can now perform a spiral attack in the water, to attack enemies and get a speed boost.

There is also a new "Pluck" move, which enables players to pull items out of the ground to alter the environment, much like Ground Pounding the DK Plates in Donkey Kong Country Returns. Another new move called the "Kong Pow" is introduced, enabling player(s) to destroy all on-screen enemies after filling up a meter with 100 Bananas. All defeated enemies will turn into items, which vary depending on which characters are being used. Due to the capabilities of the Wii U, the game features unique graphical touches, which includes translucent ice, a dynamic camera, offering more in-depth visual angles, and a fur effect used on DK and his sidekicks. Silhouette Levels return in this game.



  • Donkey Kong: Controls exactly as in Donkey Kong Country Returns. He can no longer blow, as that move was replaced with the Pluck. He is the only character whom other Kongs can mount on.
  • Diddy Kong: Can hover with his Barrel Jet, and use his Peanut Popguns to stun and sometimes kill enemies. He can "carry" DK, by using his Barrel Jet while partnered with him. The Popgun Pound returns.
  • Dixie Kong: Can spin her ponytail to stay airborne for longer, though unlike DKC2, she now gains additional altitude when doing this. DK can use this ability if he has her on his back. Dixie now has a Gumball Popgun that fires multicolored gumballs to stun enemies (similar to the Peanut Popgun). She can also whack her ponytail on the ground to perform her own version of the Ground Pound. Additionally, she has her own version of the Barrel Roll, where she spins forward while grounded, whacking foes with her ponytail.
  • Cranky Kong: Cranky's first playable appearance as his old self in any game. His version of the Ground Pound involves whacking the ground with his walking stick. He also uses the walking stick as a pogo stick, allowing him to jump higher, damage spiky enemies, and hop across dangerous solid terrain safely. He also has a new Denture Popgun used to stun foes. As with the other characters, he can be carried by DK, and can utilize his pogo ability while joined up.
  • Funky Kong: A non-playable character who operates the game's item shop.



Other foes[edit]

  • Pink and blue dodo-like birds with leis around their necks
  • Mantises that behave like Frogoons
  • Dragonflies with monocles
  • Blue turtles with goggles, which retreat into their shells like Koopa Troopas
  • Green plants similar to Chomps, which carry leafy platforms on their heads, which can be stood on
  • Blue and red fish with pointy teeth
  • Glowing jellyfish
  • An enormous catfish, who hides in the dark background of a certain level
  • Purple sea urchins
  • Snaggles
  • Large purple and blue eel-like fish that eat the mine cart tracks
  • Flaming blue owlets
  • Flaming Screaming Pillars
  • Red porcupines that set their quills on fire when provoked
  • Buzzard-like birds that swoop around
  • Large warthogs that breathe fire out of their snouts
  • Fat fuzzy bees
  • Purple buffaloes that charge around
  • Mimics
  • Squiddicus
  • Orange rats
  • Eels that can teleport itself and fire electrical projectiles
  • Toucans that roll around on cacti balls
  • Blue lizards carrying strawberries
  • Buck-toothed caterpillars that drop goo bubbles
  • Orange blowfishes similar to Puftups
  • Fat green fish
  • Red Chomps with yellow lips
  • Schnautzels


Levels and Worlds[edit]

The game features six islands, including the frozen DK Island. Each island serves as a single world. Due to not having as many worlds as the previous game, the individual levels are made longer, with some of them even having multiple ways to complete them.

World 1: Lost Mangroves[edit]

World 2: Autumn Heights[edit]

World 3: Bright Savannah[edit]

World 4: Sea Breeze Cove[edit]

World 5: Juicy Jungle[edit]

World 6: Donkey Kong Island[edit]

Bonus World (World 7): Secret Seclusion[edit]


New items[edit]

  • Unnamed roots sticking up from the ground, which can be pulled to alter the environment
  • Unnamed scuba-diving helmets that release Air Bubbles
  • Golden Hearts

Returning Items[edit]


Animal Buddies[edit]


On April 3, 2014, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze received an update. Originally, a glitch would rarely occur where the player would not be able to access 3-4: Scorch 'N' Torch after completing 3-3: Frantic Fields. This update corrects this glitch, and it will be downloaded to the Wii U as long as an Internet connection is available. As a result of this update, the text "Ver. 1.1.0" now appears on the bottom-left corner of the loading screen.[4]


  • In Mangrove Cove, the first level of the game, the player can go inside the damaged airplane-cockpit after knocking it out of a tree. Here, they can find TVs that can be turned on and display the game's title screen. A Red Balloon can also be found in here. This is a throwback to the previous DKC game.
  • The game's title is possibly a pun on the phrase "Tropical Breeze".
  • Unlike Donkey Kong Country 2 and 3, Dixie Kong carries items with her hands instead of her ponytail.
  • Dixie Kong's Gumball Popgun alludes to her idle pose in the second and third Donkey Kong Country games, where she would blow bubblegum.
  • During the in-game cutscenes, the character animations depend on which character(s) are being used (e.g. Dixie slowing her fall with her ponytail and Cranky rolling a few times before falling, as opposed to Diddy simply crashing into the ground).
  • This is the first Donkey Kong Country series game since Donkey Kong Country 3 to feature elaborate names for the worlds.
  • This game currently has the most playable characters of any DKC game, having four as opposed to the two of all four predecessors.
  • The game features a variety of idle animations depending on the character combination in use, featuring a larger variety than all four predecessors:
    • Donkey Kong alone: Briefly scratches his armpit after a short time. If the player waits a little longer, he will look around and start playing a blue Nintendo 3DS XL, playing either Super Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7 (as himself), Animal Crossing: New Leaf, or even Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D.
    • Diddy Kong alone: Diddy's animations are all in a random order. He might remove his cap and sing dramatically, or stretch while making one of three different yawning noises.
    • Dixie Kong alone: Dixie's animations are all in a random order. She will either do a handstand, (using one of three different voice clips each time), or play air-guitar as a reference to DKC2.
    • Cranky Kong alone: Cranky only has one animation. He will stand in place, using his cane to dig in his ear briefly.
    • DK and Diddy: Diddy will help Donkey check to see if the coast is clear, and then sit on his back, constantly switching which of his shoulders to grip as he watches him play.
    • DK and Dixie: Dixie will help Donkey look around just like Diddy. When he starts playing the 3DS, Dixie will start grooming DK.
    • DK and Cranky: Unlike the other partners, Cranky does not help DK check if the coast is clear. As Donkey Kong plays his 3DS, Cranky will show disinterest in watching and read a newspaper instead.


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