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Punch Bowl

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ExitIsNearSign.png Punch Bowl ExitSign.png
World Juicy Jungle
Type Boss
Notable features Icy platform floating in a pool of juice.
Bonus level(s) 0
Puzzle Pieces 0
Enemies encountered Bashmaster, the Unbreakable

Game Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

Punch Bowl is the boss of Juicy Jungle in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, also being the fifth boss level of the game.


The level begins outside a wooden processing plant infested with vines and fruit that resembles pumpkins. Moving onwards, Donkey Kong will come across a DK Barrel at the end of the platform. Next is an Arrow Barrel marked with a skull, that launches the Kongs into a wide wooden tube where purple juice flows. A cutscene will trigger, showing a large Snomadic polar bear peacefully lying down licking a popsicle. Suddenly, DK and co. fall out the end of the pipe, shaking the ice platform that the bear is lying on. This sends his popsicle flying into the juice below, where it is quickly engulfed by a school of fish. The angered polar bear looks over at Donkey Kong, who smiles sheepishly. The bear grabs his large spiked mallet and challenges him, causing the battle to ensue.

For the fight, the player and the polar bear are standing on an ice platform that tilts around whenever the latter character jumps. As his first attack, the polar bear will thrust his hammer in front of him, getting it stuck in the ground. This gives DK a chance to jump on his head, knocking him into the juice pool. Immediately after being knocked off however, he will climb back onto the arena, and jump off the top of the screen. As he lands, the platform will shake and ice cubes will fall from the sky; some of them in pairs. As each cube falls, the polar bear will lightly kick it towards Donkey. Some of these contain items like Banana Coins or bombs. If Donkey Kong pounds the ice cubes, he can receive the items inside. After this segment, the bear will slowly walk towards the player completely protected in front. If Donkey Kong manages to grab the bomb from one of the cubes, he can throw it at the boss. However, this is not the only way to stop him, as after taking a couple of steps, the boss will repeat his first attack, giving the player a chance to attack. After being hit a second time, the polar bear will repeat his second attack, though this time he will shake the ground twice before sending ice cubes at the player. Repeating the same process applies. After the first thee hits, the boss will get frustrated and he will turn gray from the neck down.

In the second phase, ice blocks will automatically fall from above, forming walls. The bear will then charge through them, proceeding to slide on his rear about halfway across. At the edge of the platform, he will end up dizzy, and open to another jump on the head. Afterwards, the polar bear will perform his high jump attack a few times, though now it creates icy shockwaves whenever he lands. After this, his first attack for this phase will be repeated, though now he will cross the arena a second time before becoming dazed. He will repeat this attack as well as the previous one for the rest of the phase.

In the third and final phase, the bear's fur will turn purple. Here, he will begin the phase with his "kicking ice cubes" attack. After this, he will jump high in the air and land on one end of the arena. Here, he will repeatedly charge up hammer swings to knock the incoming ice cubes at the player at a much higher velocity. Once hit, the cubes will become spiked, and unsafe to touch. On the last ice cube he hits, he will hesitate before doing so in an attempt to mess up DK's timing. After this, he will thrust his hammer down like in the beginning, (though it now creates icy shockwaves). After being knocked off, he will climb back onto the platform, and perform his kicking ice cubes attack once more. After being hit during this part, he will be defeated.