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High Tide Ride

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High Tide Ride is the second level of Sea Breeze Cove in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. It is the third confirmed Mine Cart level for the game.


The level begins on a sandy area full of cargo crates, with a rock wall to the left. The Kongs cross two wooden platforms suspended in the air by ropes, and blast out of an Arrow Barrel and into the minecart. After taking off, the player must jump the cart over gaps, and drive it along rails that get raised out of the abyss by water gizers. At some point during this section, Snaggles will jump out of the gaps between the rails, in an attempt to eat the player. Directly after this is the first checkpoint, which is elevated above the rail that Donkey Kong is riding on at that moment. Immediately after this is a long steep drop in an over-the-shoulder view as the cart rolls into a dark temple overlooking the ocean. After jumping over a glowing blue enemy, the player enters a hallway with three rails going through it., where they must jump from between said rails in order to dodge obstacles such as wooden walls, (including some that move between rails), more of the blue glowing enemies and a purple eel like creature that comes out of the water below, and takes bites out of the track.

The entire temple is separated into long rooms each closed off by a brown circular door that automatically opens upon being approached. After a few rooms, the next Tutorial Pig will automatically save the player's progress on the level. By this point, the level goes back to a side-scrolling view, and Donkey and co. must hop across some platforms, and duck under a row of spikes. Near the end of this short sequence, the platforms will get smaller, and Snaggles will start appearing between the gaps. An Auto-Fire Barrel leads to another over-the-shoulder section with walls to dodge and another bite taken out of the track by the eel enemy. Through the next few rooms, the track consists of nothing but rails suspended above the pit by gizers.

After the next checkpoint is a short barrel-blasting sequence, and then the camera shifts to a full behind-the-back perspective, where large wooden objects fall onto the track, blocking the path. Rail jumping is required to avoid getting hurt. After this section, one last jump leads to a set of damaged tracks and a solid platform with the Slot Machine Barrel on it.


  • The music for the first portion of the level is a slight remix of the title theme of the game, but becomes an original song when the Kongs enter the cave.