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Crowded Cavern

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Crowded Cavern
World Cave
Type Cavern
Theme Crowded Cavern
Notable features Squeekly family
Bonus level(s) 1
Puzzle Pieces 5
Enemies encountered Squeekly

Game Donkey Kong Country Returns

Crowded Cavern is the 5th level in the Cave world in Donkey Kong Country Returns. It is the first level to involve Squeeklys, of which there are 3 different sizes, each with a different attack pattern. Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong must ride a Rocket Barrel through the level, while dodging the bats, including one large one who is the most persistent of them all.


The Kongs flee from the giant Squeekly, dodging its sonic-booms.

The course starts out in a stone passage in the cave, with unused train tracks on the bottom. The player will then move right, and step onto a rickety rail platform. This falls away, (along with an unused Minecart), down a great distance, until the Kongs land on solid ground, as a large amount of Bananas will fall onto the ground as well. After jumping across a couple pieces of raised ground, the player will come across a large family of sleeping Squeaklies. A nearby Rocket Barrel is used to traverse the rest of the level, but starting it wakes up the bats, and enraged, they pursue the Kongs.

The Kongs must fly through a very wide passage through a cave, while dodging some very small Squeaklies. They simply fly horizontally, and only try to fly into the Kongs to break the rocket, but they do not go out of their way. Occasionally, the largest bat will come up and snap at the Kongs, and before the first checkpoint, he can be seen peeking through a hole in the cave wall.

After the 1st checkpoint, the player is then introduced to medium-sized Squeaklies, who fly upwards, or downwards, while making gulping sounds. These can be dodged just as easily, except they are larger. These appear alongside their smaller relatives, and then the player meets back up with the big bat, who pops out of the ground and snaps his jaws, and also tries to fly up close to the Kongs, only to be knocked back after they fly through a thin gap in the wall. There are also more pieces of ground sticking out to hinder the player's progress.

The third and final section of Crowded Cavern is after the second checkpoint. After dodging an overhanging crane, and some rocks, the large Squeakly, who will now shoot sonic blasts from his mouth which can destroy the rocket. Some of the collectibles in this section are close to the ground, and can be tricky to get. After dodging his attacks, the bat will shoot a large blast, which creates crystals on the ground. After he bumps into them, he is defeated, and the level is over.



  • Banana Coin: 7
  • K-O-N-G Letters:
    • K: When the big Squeekly starts chasing the heroes, fly in the middle low area to reach the "K".
    • O: Follow a trail of Banana Bunches down to get the "O".
    • N: In an area where giant Squeekly are above, the "N" can be obtained by pulling up at the right time.
    • G: Found during the big Squeekly chase at the end, towards the floor.
  • Puzzle Pieces:
    • 1: As the wooden bridge is collapsing, quickly roll jump left and the first piece will fall.
    • 2: After falling down the pit, walking left will lead to the bonus room. Complete the bonus to get a piece.
    • 3: Follow a trail of Banana Bunches to get the third piece.
    • 4: There will be an area where giant Squeekly emerges from a wooden walkway. Fly over the head and go down to reach the fourth piece.
    • 5: Similar to the "G", the final piece is found during the big Squeekly chase at the end, towards the floor.

Bonus Levels

  • A bouncy wooden platform moves horizontally below several Bananas and Coins hovering in circular motion. Donkey/Diddy have thirty seconds to gather all 99 bananas and three coins.


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