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Mountain Mania

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ExitIsNearSign.png Mountain Mania ExitSign.png
World Autumn Heights
Type Mountain

Bonus level(s) 1
Puzzle Pieces 7

Game Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

Mountain Mania is the second level of Autumn Heights, the second world in the Wii U game Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. It is also the first Rambi level in the entire game.



This level prominently features Rambi, an Animal Buddy who must be freed from his Animal Crate by Ground Pounding its crate. Once ridden, Rambi can use his powerful horn to defeat enemies easily. He can also break spike pits and any stone blocks in the way. Rambi's horn can be use to break the bell towers found throughout the level, to reveal Bananas or other items. About midway through the level, the Kongs are sent to an area with an eruption, resulting in an escape segment. Rambi's one weakness is fire, so being hurt by the magma will seriously hinder the getaway. Rambi must charge and jump through the obstacles and enemies in the way, while jumping to wooden bridges which break upon jumping on them. After escaping the eruption, the Kongs still have to navigate the ruinous area that remains, which collapse upon touch, essentially becoming a race to get to the end safely.



  • Banana Coins: 17
  • DK Barrels: 1
  • Extra Life Balloons: 1
  • Hearts: 1
  • K-O-N-G Letters:
    • K: Located above four stone blocks.
    • O: Found while on a swinging box.
    • N: Found after two Walbricks, between two wooden bridges.
    • G: Obtained by bouncing off of a Cheesy Chester.
  • Puzzle Pieces: (in order of which they appear)
    • 1: Obtained by using Rambi to break the stone block at the start of the level.
    • 2: The reward for finishing the first bonus room.
    • 3: Given after collecting all the swirling bananas in an area with two platforms above a spike pit.
    • 4: Hidden inside a bell; use Rambi to break it out.
    • 5: Inside a barrel in the background at the end of a wooden bridge; use the Ground Pound to break it out.
    • 6: Revealed after two swinging platforms with a Blue Hootz.
    • 7: Found in a barrel to the left of a Blue Hootz; collect all the bananas that come out of it to reveal the piece.

Bonus Areas

  • Found right below the four Rambi blocks. Break the blocks and ground pound on the wooden bridge to get to it. The Kongs must collect all the bananas in the area, with three bouncy platforms provided.


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