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Jelly Jamboree

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Jelly Jamboree.png
World Juicy Jungle
Type Jungle/Processing Plant
Notable features Jelly blobs

Puzzle Pieces 7
Enemies encountered Snomads

Game Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

Jelly Jamboree is the fifth level of Juicy Jungle in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze.


The level begins inside an abandoned processing plant with many pipes full of purple chemicals, along with blobs of said chemicals scattered around. The Kongs soon exit through a gaping hole in the plant, entering the jungle, which is full of more bouncy gelatinous platforms. This leads to a series of said platforms with a circle of Bananas hovering overhead, widening and narrowing as it moves back and forth. Bouncing over a few pits leads to a wooden platform with a DK Barrel on it. The next series of jelly blobs have Tucks bouncing on them, and some of them contain items inside, which will come out once jumped on. The items can be either Bananas, Banana Coins, Hearts, or even bombs, similar to those carried by certain Snomads. After carefully, bouncing underneath a spiked ceiling, a patch of green jelly can be seen, which enables Donkey Kong to bounce higher. An Arrow Barrel is present to launch the Kongs up onto a wooden ledge. This ledge leads to more blobs of jelly, including some blue ones which act as switches. The first blue one is required to rotate the next pair of pink jelly blobs around so they can be used. A series of puzzles like this leads to a Skull Barrel, launching the simian heroes onto some more jelly blobs, making them bounce automatically into more barrels, which lead to the first checkpoint.

Afterwards, DK (and whoever is with him) will come across some more jelly blobs, though this time some of them are being carried by some snomadic owls, who carry them back and forth over an abyss. After maneuvering through this, the monkeys will be blasted through a jelly-filled gap, and into a Skull Barrel, blasting them into a heap of jelly, which they must pound their way out of. Directly after is the second checkpoint. Directly after the checkpoint, DK must bounce across some more jelly platforms, to another barrel, to launch them to another similar sequence. After this is the Slot Machine Barrel, which ends the stage.