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Blast & Bounce

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Blast & Bounce is a level in Donkey Kong Country Returns. It is the fifth Key Temple in the game.


The level starts off on a solid platform with a few vases that can be Ground Pounded. Then, the player will jump into an Arrow Barrel and blast through some more consecutively. The barrels move in quick pivets in a circular fashion, and some of which have Tiki Zings circling around them. Then the player will launch into another one, and blast through 2 concrete walls with Donkey Kong's initials on them. Then in the background, the Kongs will bounce along many golden-colored springs that move up and down in a wave-like fashion. A few have Tiki Zings hovering above, so the players must use caution.

Afterwards, the player will launch into another Arrow Barrel, and blast downwards along a pillar with more Tiki Zings hovering around it. Then after blasting between a few rings of circling Arrow Barrels, the player will end the level with the yellow Rare Orb.