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BananaCoinIconRight.png Awk BananaCoinIconLeft.png

Homeland Donkey Kong Island
Sub-Species Rawk

Affiliations Tiki Tak Tribe
Enemies Kongs
Games Donkey Kong Country Returns

Awks are short, squatting parrot enemies that appear in Donkey Kong Country Returns. They act as weak generic enemies that appear in the Jungle world.


Their only attack pattern consists of them walking slowly towards the player making them very similar to the enemy Gnawty from the first Donkey Kong Country game, only much rarer. As such, they are often found in small groups to make them tougher.

They are mainly turquoise, with some purple on the undersides, green wing feathers and red tail feathers, necks and eyebrows/lids. They have orange legs. Their necks appear to be short but are revealed to be long and skinny when the birds are defeated.

Their name is a pun on "Squawk", "Hawk", and/or "Auk".

While they are only found in the Jungle, their relatives, Rawks, can also be found in the Ruins and Golden Temple.