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Trunk Twister

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Trunk Twister
World Lost Mangroves

Notable features Dynamic camera. Wrecked planes.
Bonus level(s) 1
Puzzle Pieces 5
Enemies encountered Snomads

Game Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

Trunk Twister is the fourth level of the Lost Mangroves in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, as well as the fourth level of the entire game, and the game's first Minecart level.


The level begins inside a wrecked plane with a large crate of bananas serving as a wall on the left. Continuing on leads Donkey Kong to a slight dip in the ground leading to a ledge with a DD Barrel, a slug enemy, and a piece of ground that can be Ground Pounded to reach a Bonus Area. A tilting platform above with a bird enemy on it leads to two more tilting platforms, (with the second one tilting over permanently. An Arrow Barrel is present to launch the Kongs into the Mine Cart. After hopping into the cart, the player rides down a slope, and must jump over a few gaps, while avoiding the penguins that walk on the rails, and riding along the wings of plane wreckages that get hoisted upwards as DK passes by. After the next jump, the simians must ride along the tops of some banana crates, as they start sinking downwards, followed by a group of boxes suspended in midair by a rope, which can fall down on them if they don't move fast enough. Then comes a box to jump over, and another plane wreck to ride over. The first Tutorial Pig is just up ahead, where he will automatically save the player's progress.

After this, the player will come across a plane wreck lying in the trees, with its propellers on fire. They must duck under the propellers to avoid getting hurt. Following this is a penguin and a walrus, and then a brief segment where players must jump the minecart over some roots that stick out of a mangrove tree. It is to note that at this point, the camera starts to revolve, giving a slight over-the-shoulder view. After this comes a large gap to hop over, followed by a hill to ride over. The hill in question leads to a section where the monkeys must move quickly over some rails that quickly get hoisted up into the canopy, and then the second checkpoint.

Soon afterwards, DK enters the interior of a gigantic mangrove tree, riding a spiraling rail down to the bottom. On the way down, he must dodge some crates that block the path, hop over gaps, and duck under some crashed planes with flaming propellers. The player can opt to jump onto some raised platforms just above the rails to get some Banana Coins if they wish. After this, it is crucial to duck under another set of flaming propellers, and ride along a shipwreck with crate on it that slides around as the ship rocks. After the following abyss, a group of boxes held up by a rope will fall down in front of the Kongs, launching them upwards briefly as it lands. Directly after, the track seemingly ends, though the part that the monkeys are on crumbles and falls, (with a comedic close up on them freaking out as they fall). Upon a safe landing, they must ride along the interior of a large plane, and then hop across some submarines that rise from the ocean depths. After this comes a section of broken track and then the Slot Machine Barrel.

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