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Red Red Rising is the seventh level of Volcano world in Donkey Kong Country Returns, and the last normal level in its world before Tiki Tong Terror.


The player begins on a black rock platform. At the end, the Kongs will see some rocks bursting out of the lava below, and must hop across them quickly and carefully. Some of the rocks coming from the lava are smaller than others, making it more difficult. After hopping across a few of these, the player will hop onto a molten rock platform, which will tilt upon contact with them. After hopping across more of the rocks from the lava, Donkey Kong will reach a sturdy platform with the first checkpoint on it.

Then the player must jump to another platform, while avoiding the Flaming Tiki Buzz hovering in between the platforms. There is a wall to the right, so the player cannot move further in that direction. Lava will start rising beneath, and just before it reaches the simians, some small rock platforms will come out of the wall in the background, and the player can hop upwards through the inside of the volcano, as more continue to appear. Afterwards, a piece of rock will fall over, and the Kongs can use it to reach more platforms, which have Char-Chars weaving through them. After making their way up, the player must jump across the gap in the middle of the volcano, and use more platforms to hop up, until they reach an Arrow Barrel. The barrel will launch the monkeys into the wall, making lava erupt out of a crack in that, and they will hit more cracks as they continue to launch upwards. After a bit, the end-of-level barrel will appear at the top of the volcano.

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