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Busted Bayou

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World Lost Mangroves
Type Silhouette Level
Notable features Tree branches to walk on.
Bonus level(s) 0
Puzzle Pieces 9
Enemies encountered Mimics, Dozys,

Game Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

Busted Bayou is the second secret level of the Lost Mangroves island in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, unlocked by finding the secret exit in Canopy Chaos. It is the first Silhouette Level in the game, and the first silhouette level in the entire series to not have a gray, or orange background; instead having a green one.


The level begins in a shadowy mangrove forest. A short ways after starting the stage is a piece of raised ground with a DK Barrel on it. A line of Dozy follows, and then a small dip in the ground where some more Dozys appear and a small vine is located. Pulling on the vine will make some invisible platforms pop out from the background, as well as some hidden collectibles on top of them. Moving on, players will come across a wooden platform held up by a vine, which will sink into the abyss when stood on. However, this also raises another platform, (where the "K" is located). A sloped tree branch leads to the first Tutorial Pig.

Afterwards is a knot in the ground that must be plucked in order to reveal a thick vine with leaf platforms on it. These lead to an airplane wreckage that sways depending on the amount of weight on each end. Following this sequence is a set of vine-held platforms arranged like downward stairs. A short platforming sequence later, the Kongs will have to Ground Pound through a pile of pebbles, and pluck a root from the ground in order for the surrounding wreckage to give way, allowing them to continue. Sliding down a long vine leads to some solid ground and more platforms. A root in the ground further on makes the following tree-branch platform curl up, before becoming a slope. The following set of vine-held platforms contains one with a rock tied underneath it. Plucking the root on it raises it, as well as the platforms afterwards, and causes Bananas to fall onto them.

Directly after this is a solid platform with some Mimics on it. The root here activates a large stem with leaf-platforms growing off of it. This allows access to an Arrow Barrel, which leads to a barrel-blasting sequence. Bursting into a plane wreckage, Donkey Kong will find the level's Slot Machine Barrel.


Samus's Gunship can be found in the background of this level. This is not only a reference to the Metroid series, but also to the fact that Retro Studios, the game's developer, previously worked on the Metroid Prime games.

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