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Hot Rocket is the second level of the Volcano world in Donkey Kong Country Returns, as well as the fifth Rocket Barrel level in said game.


The Kongs start out on a black platform inside a volcano, followed by three more that tilt. The platforms have Char-Chars in between, popping out of the lava, so players must time their jumps. Then after the third one, are two more Char-Chars and the Rocket Barrel.

Section 1: This section consists of jagged volcanic rocks sticking up from the lava below. There are also solid walls of rock that open, just as the player flies near them, forming a somewhat curved path. After flying through, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong enter a wider section with fireballs flying towards them from behind, and falling rocks. The last falling rock will collide with the last fireball, and release one of the Puzzle Pieces. Then the player will navigate through a fairly thin passage, and find the first Tutorial Pig.

Section 2: The next section consists of fallen temples in the background, and serpent-like creatures made of fire circling in loops. The first one encountered pushes a rock from the player's way, and the others fly in circles, and the Kongs must fly through the gaps between their heads and tails. Afterwards, players will fly through another tight passage, (opened up by another flaming serpent), and the Rocket Barrel will run out of fuel, as the Kongs land on a platform with the end-of-level barrel on it.

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