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Boulder Roller is the fourth level in the Cliff world in Donkey Kong Country Returns. It can be entirely skipped for Precarious Plateau, upon buying the Map Key from Cranky Kong's Shop in that world.


The level opens in a canyon in the mountains. A large spiked boulder is blocking the way forward. The Kongs must blow on a pinwheel, to lower a platform, which they can use to access a vine sticking out of a Golden Monkey Head. Pulling the vine makes a DK Plate appear, which will cause the boulder to move upon pounding it. Then the player can continue on to the inside of a mountain. Inside, the simian heroes will come across many rolling boulders with spikes on them, hence the name Boulder Roller. Some will fall from an unknown source in the sky, and roll down slopes, while others come from holes in the background, rolling into the foreground on wooden bridges hanging from the holes. The ones rolling down slopes are small, while the ones coming from the walls are bigger. This, plus a few crumbling platforms and Skellyrexes will appear before the first Tutorial Pig.

After the first checkpoint, the player will encounter a Bonehead Jed on a raised wooden platform. After dispatching it, the monkeys will come across more boulders, behaving the same way as before, only there are more of the ones rolling out of the walls, along with more crumbling platforms. Afterwards, there will be a big solid rock platform with a swinging boulder and a Skellyrex. Pounding the big rock in the middle will open a wooden platform, which can be pounded to fall through deeper into the mountain. Hopping up a few more platforms and dodging more boulders will give players access to the 2nd checkpoint.

Afterwards, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong will come across much larger boulders rolling on the rocky slopes. These can be avoided by ducking into the gaps in the ground, or walking slowly in the gaps between the boulders. After dodging many of these, plus some more crumbling platforms, the player will walk between more boulders and jump to a stable platform. Then a much larger boulder will fall and begin rolling down the slope ahead, rolling up the next slope, and coming back. In the background at the top of the slope, a fossil resembling Squiddicus can be seen, of which its eyes attempt to stare at the player, with one of them falling out. Moving down the slope, and dodging the boulder will help the Kongs notice a gap in the rock ground, which has some breakable rocks in it, one of the Puzzle Pieces, and an Arrow Barrel. Moving up the next slope will take the player to another Arrow Barrel, to launch them to the end-of-level barrel. Staying in the Arrow Barrel too long, will cause a big boulder slowly descending from the sky to crush it, and kill the Kongs. Blasting ahead will complete the level.

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