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Smokey Peak

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Smokey Peak is the fourth level of Volcano world in Donkey Kong Country Returns, unlocked by purchasing the Map Key from Cranky Kong's Shop in that world. Completing this level unlocks a pathway to Bobbing Basalt, bypassing Roasting Rails. It is the first and only level to combine two of said game's mechanics; Rambi and Silhouette Level gameplay.


The course takes place inside a volcano, full of fog. It begins on a sturdy rock platform with 2 piles of rocks on it. These rock piles cannot be taken down without Rambi, and have a DK Barrel in between them, guarded by a Tiki Buzz. A little ways ahead, the Kongs will come across some stone ledges hanging by chains high up, as well as some bigger ones, which only hold for a few seconds after they walk on it. On one of the ledges above, is an Animal Crate, but this cannot be reached without pounding the DK Plate under it, which makes a ledge appear from the ground. After obtaining Rambi, the player continues onward, breaking through huge piles of stones, and crushing rocks with Rambi's symbol on them, as well as hopping over gaps in the foreground.

After the first checkpoint, the player will now start encountering small holes in the ceiling, which spew big drops of magma. These can instantly make the Kongs lose a life, so caution is advised. This and what was encountered previously will happen until the 2nd Tutorial Pig.

After the 2nd and final checkpoint, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong and Rambi will begin encountering completely fragile stone platforms, (similar to Crumble Canyon), which are set in slopes and straightaways. There are also rocks held by flimsy chains, that drop onto the player when they walk underneath, which are all situated above the crumbly rock platforms. They will also find more of the holes in the ceiling, but NOW, some of them will begin dropping a STREAM of magma, instead of the usual drops. The player will move ahead through these tougher obstacles, and after dashing up a crumbly slope, the player will end up on a sturdy rock platform on chains with the end-of-level barrel situated on top.

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