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Homeland Donkey Kong Island, Ruins
Origin of Species Toothberry

Affiliations Tiki Tak Tribe
Enemies Kongs
Games Donkey Kong Country Returns

Cageberry is an enemy from Donkey Kong Country Returns. They are Toothberries imprisoned in metal Tiki-like cages. They mainly appear in the Ruins region of Donkey Kong Island.


They cannot be destroyed, but if one uses a Ground Pound near them their cage will flip over allowing the Kongs to stand on them and if they use another ground pound while on them the Cageberry will temporarily sink into the ground and if the Kongs are standing on them when they flip back out they will be boosted high into the air allowing them to reach higher places which may hide secret items or entrances. They mainly attack by pushing their cages towards the Kongs and if they are jumped on while un-flipped the pointy top of their cages will harm the Kongs.