Scurvy Crew

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DKCoinIconLeft.png Scurvy Crew DKCoinIconLeft.png
The Scurvy Crew in their fighting stances
The Scurvy Crew

Residence Beach
Family Crab
Species Crab
Gender Male (all)
Affiliates Tiki Tak Tribe
Enemies Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong
Games Donkey Kong Country Returns

The Scurvy Crew (called Pirate Crabs in the Japanese version) are a gang of crab pirates that act as the second boss of Donkey Kong Country Returns. They have numerous subordinates and pirates ships stationed around the Beach area of Donkey Kong Island. They are notable for their unique object replacing their left pincers. The yellow crab has a fork, the blue one has a sword and their leader, "Captain Greenbeard" has a hook. The Scurvy Crew plays a significant role in Peaceful Pier, where they pilot their ship through the water and shoot the Kongs with cannonballs (See Cannon Cluster), attempting to knock them off their Rocket Barrel. They attempt to fire a large anchor from a gigantic cannon, but miss, as the anchor catches on a rock, pulling the crabs back and crashing their ship.


Before the battle, the crabby pillagers are casually sitting in their wrecked ship from Peaceful Pier, gorging on bananas. The blue one is using the old sail as a hammock, and nibbling at a banana from Donkey Kong's hoard. The yellow one is sitting on a pile of Bananas, as he tosses one to Captain Greenbeard, (who hungrily scarfs it down), while he then munches the other 2 on his fork. After the angry simians see this, they notice the Maraca Tikis peeking from behind a mast. The tikis proceed to hypotize the members of the Scurvy Crew. The battle will start with the yellow crab emerging from the sand. It only walks forward slowly. Its head must jumped on, then it must get ground pounded, then jumped on again. The same must be done for the other two. After, the three will stack on top of each other. The Scurvy Crew should walk a certain distance before the crabs lift up their weapons, and must rolled into, which will knock them all down into the sand. They again must be jumped on one by one.

Next the yellow crab will emerge again and move slightly faster towards Donkey and Diddy Kong, but the same must be done to it as previously - jump on it, ground pounded and jump again, also with the other two. And then again, the Crew will stack on top of each other and must be rolled into once they lower their weapons, then once they land, must be jumped on individually.


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