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Mountaintop Tussle

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ExitIsNearSign.png Mountaintop Tussle ExitSign.png
DKCTF Mountaintop Tussle.jpg
World Autumn
Type Boss
Notable features N/A
Bonus level(s) 0
Puzzle Pieces 0
Enemies encountered Skowl, the Startling, Snomad owls

Game Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

Mountaintop Tussle is the boss of Autumn Heights in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, and the game's second boss. This fight plays very similarly to the Ruined Roost fight from Donkey Kong Country Returns.


Donkey Kong and whoever he is partnered up with are seen blasting into a dark area of a forest. Here, they see a Snomad owl carrying a Banana in its talons, which it drops onto a small table with a light shining onto it. The Kongs are alarmed as the banana is quickly crushed by a large hammer, which turns out to be wielded by Skowl, a large owl who immediately comes into the light and angrily hoots at them. The primate pair jumps into the spotlight too, destroying the table and starting the fight.

The first phase of the fight begins on a stone platform inside a tree trunk with smaller wooden platforms elevated on either side. Skowl's moves include shooting feathers in a fan-like formation from his wings, and spinning in the air as he flies from side to side, dropping eggs that hatch into smaller owls upon hitting the ground. One hatchling from each batch will still have a piece of the shell on its head, protecting it from being jumped on the head. DK can then grab it, and use the platforms on either side of the arena to gain height so he can throw it at Skowl. Often, there will be multiple hatchlings like this, allowing the player to get in at least one extra hit. Skowl's other attack that he'll use during this phase is throwing spiked ice balls onto the floor, which roll until they fall off the end. If the Kongs are quick enough to land three hits on him, the beastly owl will fly upwards, and a Skull Barrel will appear allowing players to follow him.

The second phase takes place on a wooden platform held up by propellers, hovering in front on a pine tree at dawn, with Skull Barrels on either side. Skowl's attacks during this round include flapping his wings in place, causing a great wind to blow across the arena. As this happens, some flying owls will cross the screen, the first one having a shell on its head. This must be thrown at Skowl, by bouncing off of the other owls to reach him, (if Dixie Kong is not present). Skowl will also fly down to ground-level and fly across. This attack can be jumped over, (once again, provided Dixie is there), or dodged by entering a Skull Barrel on the end of the platform and blasting back up. He will also fly side to side high off the ground and drop feathers in a wave-pattern, and even throw individual eggs containing owl vikings. Once again, the single hatchling with a shell on its head can be thrown at the boss. All of the attacks for this phase will be repeated at least once more, and then the third phase begins.

The third and final phase takes place on a platform very similar to the one before, though now it is above the clouds, and there are no Skull Barrels. The phase involves Skowl firing feathers in small clumps that gradually spread out as they move. Said clumps will each shoot in a different direction, depending on where Donkey Kong is. After a sequence of this, Skowl will fly into the background and send lines of flying owls into the foreground. Most of which are wearing spiked helmets. As each line flies into the foreground, gaps will form, which DK must step into to avoid taking damage. After the first round of this, the second round will contain some that have shells on their heads, which once again, should be thrown at the large owl. After repeating his swooping attack from the previous phase, Skowl will then fly off the top of the screen and send down large eggs that hatch into sets of three owls with horned helmets. The last of which will contain Skowl in it, who can then be jumped on while he is dazed. After this, he will once again throw spiked ice balls, shoot clumps of feathers, and send in lines of small owls. After repeating his giant egg attack, a final jump on Skowl's head will defeat him.