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Alpine Incline

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Alpine Incline
World Autumn Heights
Type Sky/Mountain
Notable features Collapsing Ruins
Bonus level(s) ???
Puzzle Pieces 5
Enemies encountered Snomads

Game Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

Alpine Incline is the fifth level of Autumn Heights in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze


The level begins in a grassy clearing with pine trees and wildflowers. A short distance ahead are a bunch of saggy wooden platforms suspended above a bottomless pit by ropes. Some of the platforms have enemies and collectibles on them, (with the first large one having the first Kong Letter on it). A few flying penguins are present to hinder the player. Afterwards, Donkey Kong must use a vine to reach the next wooden platform, and then use two more vines to reach a grassy platform with a burly walrus on it. An Arrow Barrel will then launch the player towards a stone platform in the background, with the first Tutorial Pig on it.

After this, the Kongs will hop across some small wooden platforms held up by balloons, which fall slightly under their weight, but do not fall into the abyss. Collecting every banana on these platforms awards the player with a Puzzle Piece. After coming across a larger one of the platforms with a helmeted penguin on it, the Kongs must then cross a balloon platform and onto another rock ledge. Some more of these platforms and a series of vines over some giant hovering owls leads the player to another Arrow Barrel, launching them into the background once again. This leads to a giant balloon platform hovering over a Snomad flag with a spike on the tip of the pole. Ground Pounding the balloon until it touches the spike causes the Kongs to be rocketed upward through the clouds where Banana Bunches will rain down periodically until the ride is over. Another Arrow Barrel leads to the next checkpoint on to of a wooden platform held up by balloons.

Directly after this is a series of balloon platforms that automatically let the player bounce into the air should they jump on them, (with pressing the jump button after landing on one launching them higher). Three of these lead to a rock platform with a walrus. Another series of said balloon platforms (with some of them moving back and forth) leads to another elevated checkpoint. Directly to the right is an Arrow Barrel that launches the Kongs onto another series of balloons, this time with some much larger ones in the mix, as well as a few flying penguins soaring into the player's way. After this brief section, is a set of moving balloon platforms that move around in a circle. DK must drop between them to get to the Slot Machine Barrel.


  • When characters bounce on the balloons, each Kong has character-specific yells for whenever they press the jump button as they land on them.