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Poppin' Planks

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ExitIsNearSign.png Poppin' Planks ExitSign.png
World Beach
Type Beach
Theme [1]

Bonus level(s) 2
Puzzle Pieces 5
Enemies encountered Snaps, Pinchley, Snaggles, and Tiki Buzzes

Game Donkey Kong Country Returns

Poppin' Planks is the first level in the Beach world and eighth overall in Donkey Kong Country Returns.


Poppin' Planks starts out as a beach level, however advances on to be a series of wooden platforms and shipwrecks. Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong need to make it through all that, and will come across several enemies including the Pinchleys on the beach and the Snaggles hopping out of water. The level is fairly basic, to introduce the scenery, which includes treasure chests and wooden pegs that can be Ground Pounded to reveal items and bonuses.



The Kongs gain access to the first Bonus Stage.
  • Banana Coins: 7
  • Hearts: 4
  • Barrels:
  • K-O-N-G Letters:
    • K: After getting Diddy Kong, the "K" is found on a high platform that must be reached by jumping on a raised narrow stone and then jumping to the platform.
    • O: Found near two suspended platforms that can be lowered and raised based on the weight of what's on them; dispose of the Pinchley, and weigh down the right one to make the left go higher. After, make a leap for the "O" while the left one is still at a good altitude.
    • N: Above a shipwreck; the duo must jump at the right time the wreck is raised to reach it.
    • G: On a suspended platform near the end.
  • Puzzle Pieces:
    • 1: Pound the first wooden peg seen to make a second one to the left appear; use this peg to get onto the wooden platforms to the left and reach the piece.
    • 2: Pound another wooden peg after the "K" to get blasted to a bonus room containing the next piece.
    • 3: Pound a wooden peg to the right after the first bonus room to reveal a treasure chest with piece #3.
    • 4: In a treasure chest to the right of the checkpoint.
    • 5: Right after piece #4, pound the cannon in the background to activate it, making it blow a ship down and giving access to the bonus room which rewards the final piece.


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