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Stampede Sprint

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ExitIsNearSign.png Stampede Sprint ExitSign.png
World Krematoa
Type Jungle
Theme Hot Pursuit
Notable features Ellie will be running out of control for most of this level.

Animal Buddies Ellie, Parry, Squitter, Squawks
Enemies encountered Sneeks, Bristles, Buzzes, Kuff 'n' Klouts, Krimps, Koin

Game Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!

Stampede Sprint is the introductory level of Krematoa, and the thirty-sixth level of Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!. To access this stage, Krematoa must be revealed, and Boomer must be paid Bonus Coins.


Ellie leaps over Kuff 'n' Klout.

The level begins with providing Dixie Kong or Kiddy Kong a DK Barrel. Since both Kongs are present, they may use their Team-Up ability to reach the Bonus Barrels up and to the left of the starting area. Beyond the bonus level, a trail of Bananas over a large abyss will indicate that Dixie will need her Helicopter Spin to hover over the gap and into an Animal Barrel for Ellie the Elephant, which will transform the heroes into Ellie. As Ellie, she can break the Animal Crate containing Parry the Parallel Bird, who can be used to grab out of reach bonus items, such as Bear Coins, and will yield a reward after being safely escorted to the end of the level. Upon entering an Auto-Fire Barrel as Ellie, she will be launched deeper into the jungle, near a gathering of some Sneek enemies. Ellie will freak out upon seeing the mice, and run quickly in the opposite direction. She will be sprinting for the remainder of the level.

While sprinting, Ellie cannot do anything other than jump; She will automatically proceed forward, regardless of the player's input. She will have to jump chasms and avoid various enemies in the jungle, including Bristles, Kuff 'n' Klouts, Krimps, and Buzzes. The Buzz enemies are typically out of reach, but will harm Parry if Parry makes contact with them. Eventually, she will reach the end of the level, and if Parry is accompanying her, Parry will transform into the final bonus barrel for the stage. Upon passing the No Animal Sign for Ellie, she will transform into a Steel Barrel, necessary to defeat the Koin enemy beyond the End of Level Flag.

Due to this level's unusual gameplay style of rushing forward without much time to anticipate incoming enemies or obstacles, it is considered one of the more difficult levels in the game, more so than the later levels of Krematoa. The Game Boy Advance remake addressed this issue, by having Ellie run a little slower. Completion of this level, in addition to paying Boomer enough Bonus Coins, will unlock Criss Kross Cliffs.


Animal Buddies

  • Ellie: After the abyss.
  • Parry: Near Ellie Barrel.
  • Squitter: Inside the first bonus level.
  • Squawks: Inside the second bonus level.


To get the "K" Letter, the first bonus level must be exited, with Squitter, and the sign must be passed.
  • Bananas: 54
  • Bear Coin: 1
  • DK Barrels
    • At the beginning.
    • Before N letter.
    • After the three groups of 2 Sneeks.
  • DK Coin:
    • The Steel Keg is rewarded for returning Ellie. Koin is after the Level Flag. Jump and throw the Steel Keg over Koin's head so it rebounds off the wall hits him in the back.
  • K-O-N-G Letters:
    • K: Rewarded for returning Squitter.
    • O: Shortly after the group of 3 Sneeks.
    • N: After the second DK Barrel.
    • G: Before the second Blast Barrel.

Bonus Levels

The first bonus level.
  • Grab 15 Bananas: At the beginning, behind tree leaves. A Team-Up throw is needed to reach it. The leftmost bonus barrel brings the heroes to the first bonus stage, which entails the heroes using Squitter to collect fifteen green bananas over a bottomless pit. Squitter will need to make web platforms to gather the bananas. The Super Nintendo version of the game allots forty-five seconds to complete the stage, while the Game Boy Advance remake allows forty seconds. To compensate for the reduced time in the GBA version, the room is smaller, meaning the bananas will be closer together.
  • Grab 15 Bananas: To the right of the first bonus barrel. Squawks is provided to collect fifteen green bananas in under 45 seconds. The bananas will appear near some Red Buzz.
  • Grab 15 Bananas: Rewarded for returning Parry. Parry is used in the bonus stage to amass fifteen bananas. A lone Red Buzz will be in the middle of the room, posing as an obstacle. In the SNES version, bananas will appear to the sides of the Buzz in addition to directly above it. Thus, Ellie will have to ensure her jumps allow Parry to grab the banana and not be injured doing so. Forty seconds are given in the SNES version, and twenty five seconds are given in the GBA version. To compensate for the lower amount of time in the GBA version, the Buzz is much lower to the ground, and the green banana spawn locations are generally easier to reach for.


Super Nintendo

Game Boy Advance


  • Stampede Sprint is the only level in Donkey Kong Country 3 that does not have a Star Barrel.

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