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Cliffside Blast

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Cliffside Blast
World Pacifica
Type Cliffside
Theme Rockface Rumble

Bonus level(s) 2
Animal Buddies N/A
Enemies encountered Re-Koil, Buzz, Klampon, Kopter

Game Donkey Kong Country 3

Cliffside Blast is the fourth level of Pacifica. It is accessible after completing Sunken Spruce.


Dixie climbs up a rope. To the right of her is a hole in the cliffside which leads to the first bonus barrel.

Cliffside Blast is a cliff side level, unlike most of the other Pacifica levels, which are typically water themed. In this level, Dixie Kong and Kiddy Kong begin on foot, encountering a Re-Koil. After, they need to climb the rope up and ascend to complete the level. Along the way, various Barrel Cannons are used to gain altitude, hence the 'Blast' in the level name. The ropes and cannons segments alternate, but typically introduce a new hazard of some sort with each section.

All throughout the stage, Buzzes will be encountered, flying stationary or in set paths and patterns. In addition, the aerial adversaries Kopter are also found, always flying vertically up and down. Neither of these enemies can be defeated in any way during the level, so the duo will need to be careful in timing their jumps.

Getting to the end of this stage will allow Dixie/Kiddy to enter the waters of the lower half of Pacifica. To the west of where they jump into the waters is Cranky's Dojo, and to the south is the next level, Ripcurl Reef. By going all the way to the east side of Pacifica and pressing "A" on the cliffside east of some pipes, they can find a Banana Bird Cave, called "Whirlpool Wreck".



The heroes across from the "N" Letter.
  • Barrels:
  • Bear Coin: 4
  • DK Coin: The level's Koin is found to the left of a lone Banana floating in space, with the Steel Keg just barely being visible. Dixie/Kiddy can grab the Steel Keg, jump down, avoiding the red Buzz, and bounce the Keg off a wall to defeat the Koin.
  • K-O-N-G Letters
    • K: The "K" is above a green Buzz orbiting a barrel cannon.
    • O: A barrel cannon should blast the Kongs up a rope they can climb to get the "O".
    • N: Near two Red Buzzes shortly after the checkpoint.
    • G: When the Kongs come across two Klampons, going to the left side will allow them to get to the barrel cannon launching them to the "G".

Bonus Levels

The "Find the Coin!" bonus stage.
  • Collect 22 Stars! -- Found by going into an opening in the east side of the cliffside. Dixie/Kiddy are given fifteen seconds to gather 22 stars, all located on three ropes in a small rocky area. Two Kopters are in this area, one on the left side of the left rope, and one on the right side of the middle rope.
  • Find the Coin! -- Found west of the End of Level Flag, the second bonus barrel is guarded by a Re-Koil. The duo have ten seconds to climb to the other side of a gap via tightrope. Four Kopters are encountered along the way, whom require jumping to evade.


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