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Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!

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Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!
DKC3 Cover.jpg
Developer(s) Rareware
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platforms Super Famicom/Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Virtual Console, Game Boy Advance
Release date: SNES
USA November 22, 1996
Japan November 23, 1996
Europe December 19, 1996

Game Boy Advance
Europe November 4, 2005
USA November 7, 2005
Japan December 1, 2005

Virtual Console (Wii)
USA December 24, 2007
Europe December 25, 2007
Japan October 21, 2008

Virtual Console (Wii U)
Europe October 30, 2014
Australia October 31, 2014
Japan November 26, 2014
USA February 26, 2015
Genre Platformer
ESRB:ESRB E.png - Everyone
PEGI:PEGI 3.png - 3+
Modes 1-2 players
Media 32-megabit Cartridge
Walkthrough on Strategy Wiki Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble

Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!, also known in Japan as Super Donkey Kong 3: Nazo no Kuremisu Tō (スーパードンキーコング3~謎のクレミス島~, Sūpā Donkī Kongu Surī ~Nazo no Kuremisu Tō~, "Super Donkey Kong Three: Mysterious Isle Kremis") is the third game in the popular Donkey Kong Country series, it was released in 1996 for Super Nintendo. It is the sequel to Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest. The game stars Dixie Kong and her little cousin Kiddy Kong as they travel through the numerous lands of the Northern Kremisphere in order to rescue Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong from the Kremling Krew and their new leader, KAOS.

Donkey Kong Country 3, as with the previous two games, had a follow up game for the Game Boy, Donkey Kong Land III. It would be over a decade, however, until the game would get a full-fledged sequel, Donkey Kong Country Returns.

A remake of the game was released for the Game Boy Advance on November 7, 2005 with new features, most noticeably six new stages and an all-new soundtrack designed for the Game Boy Advance sound system. Also, on December 24, 2007, the game was released on the Virtual Console for the Nintendo Wii in North America. On December 25, in was released in Europe and Australia. However, the European Virtual Console version has been pulled from the Wii Shop from November 25, 2012 for reasons unknown.[1] In addition, the game was already pulled from the Virtual Console in North America without any prior warning at an unknown date.

Donkey Kong Country 3 was later released on the Wii U's Virtual Console and returned to Wii's Virtual Console on October 2014 in Europe and Australia, November 2014 in Japan, and February 2015 in North America.


The story takes place several months after the Kong Family's second victory over the Kremling Krew, the Kongs were still celebrating. Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong lounged in hammocks and drinking banana milkshakes. Dixie Kong would often join them in such peaceful times. Things had become very lax - the Kongs thought that their quarrels with the Kremling Krew were long gone.

On one day, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong set out for a short vacation in the Northern Kremisphere. Usually, Dixie knew that these "vacations" were usually long walks that wouldn't be too long. However, it was several days until Dixie began to worry about the two. She sets out to the Kremisphere in search of the two. Dixie encounters Wrinkly Kong who had claimed Donkey and Diddy had passed by. Dixie then made her way to Funky's Rentals. Funky suggests (or had a "certain amount of pleading", according to the manual itself) to take her cousin Kiddy Kong along with her in the search. Funky lends them a boat and the two were off to find Donkey and Diddy Kong.

In the end, it turns out the Kremling Krew had taken over the Northern Kremisphere, imprisoning the Banana Bird Queen and scattering troops all over. Donkey and Diddy Kong were captured by KAOS, revealed to be Baron K. Roolenstein. Dixie and Kiddy defeat him, and save DK and Diddy. The rescued heroes return home, while Dixie and Kiddy stick around to clean up the rest of the Kremling forces and free the Banana Bird Queen.

Game Overview


Demolition Drain-Pipe, a pipeline level

Gameplay combines elements from Donkey Kong Country and Donkey Kong Country 2. As with the previous two games, the gameplay has a "tag team" system with two Kongs, Dixie Kong, who returns from DKC2 as the main character in this game, and new character Kiddy Kong. Dixie Kong is more agile than her younger cousin and retains her Helicopter Spin technique, while Kiddy acts somewhat like DK where he is the stronger one (due to being a young ape to Dixie being a spidermonkey) and less agile. Kiddy can use his Water Skip ability to bounce on water to reach far areas. The "Team-up" ability carries over from DKC2, but has more uses. When Kiddy carries Dixie she can be thrown upwards to reach higher areas, while when Dixie carries Kiddy, Kiddy can break through cracked or loose areas in the ground when thrown.

Various new additions to level layouts are present. For example, the level Demolition Drain-Pipe (pictured) requires the Kongs to ride on a kart through a large pipe line, and must jump over pits, enemies, and can latch onto the ceiling. The level Ripsaw Rage has the Kongs racing to the top of the tree against a very large saw that slowly cuts down the tree below them. The level Riverside Race is a timed level where Kongs are chased by bees. Low-G Labyrinth levels are also pipe-related, and act as a water level where the Kongs can walk on the floor (but move and falls slower and jump higher).

Star Barrels and DK Barrels return, with new sound effects, and so do Steel Kegs, which were absent from DKC2. Steel Kegs are needed to defeat the new enemy Koin.


Banana Birds are key items in-game.
  • Bananas and Banana Bunches return from the previous two game, unchanged. A banana bunch is worth ten bananas and collecting 100 of them gives a free life.
  • Extra Life Balloons return as well, with Dixie's face on them. Red is worth one life, green is worth two, blue is worth three lives.
  • Bear Coins act much like Banana Coins from Donkey Kong Country 2. They are the main currency of the game, needed to pay for Swanky Kong's bonus games and the Brothers Bear, as well as Cranky's Dojo.
  • Bonus Coins are the basic Kremkoins of DKC3. Bonus Coins are found at the end of each Bonus Level and can be used to unlock levels in Krematoa.
  • DK Coins return from DKC2, except getting them and their usage is different. Each level has one Koin enemy, which must be defeated via Steel Keg in order to get the DK Coin. After collecting all of them, Funky will give them a Gyrocoptor vital to finishing the game.
  • K-O-N-G Letters act exactly has they did in the previous games, upon collecting all of them at the end of a level gives one life.
  • Animal Crates act as a prison for Animal Buddies and must be broken to free the buddy inside.
  • Regular Crates come back from DKC2, where they break upon thrown contact with anything.
  • Cogs are used in Krematoa to unlock the final boss battle.
  • Banana Birds are a type of bird shaped oddly like a banana found all over the Northern Kremisphere. Banana Birds are found in Banana Bird Caves or with the people of the NK.
  • Level Flag, whose color coordinates with the Kong that finished the level (pink is Dixie, blue is Kiddy).

In addition, the game has various types of tradeable items introduced, obtained by talking to Brothers Bears or via boss battle. The role and how to get some of these items was tweaked in the remake:


  • Wooden Barrels make their usual appearance, they are simply wooden or "normal" barrels that can be thrown and rolled on the ground.
  • DK Barrels also make their usual appearance, reviving a lost Kong.
  • TNT Barrels are destructive, explosive barrels that can be used on many enemies.
  • Steel Kegs return from the original Donkey Kong Country, and are found in every single level. Fans find this ironic how they were in the original DKC, never returned in DKC2, and reappeared in every level of DKC3. Steel Kegs are key items to defeating the Koin enemy.
  • Invincibility Barrels grant temporary invincibility much like a "starman". Also known as the "! Barrel".
  • Warp Barrels act as secret, well hidden ways to teleport to the end of the level very quickly.
  • Animal Barrels, when entered, turn the Kong into the animal on it.
  • Blast Barrels are somewhat related to Auto-Fire Barrels, except they only fire upwards or horizontally, and are commonly found in waterfall levels.
  • Tracker Barrels are rare barrels found in two levels, "Tracker Barrel Trek" and "Barrel Drop Bounce". Trackers always follow the Kong's descent downwards and launch them back up, but are often near Buzzes.
  • Switch Barrels are another type of rare barrel exclusive to levels "Blazing Bazukas" and "Criss Kross Cliffs". They turn steel kegs into TNT Barrels or wooden barrels (or vice versa).
  • Ghost Barrels are tricky barrels somewhat like Auto Fire Barrels, except they aim in random directions and randomly disappear and reappear.
  • Booster Barrels act somewhat like rockets that launch upwards and then fire the Kongs, usually found in waterfall levels.
  • Rocket Barrel are exclusive to the "final" level, Rocket Rush. They slowly go down and need fuel to keep going safely.
  • Fuel Barrels kept the Rocket Barrel flying.
  • Ignition Barrel ignites the main engine of Rocket Barrel.


The Turbo Ski.
  • Motor Boat: A basic boat that cannot pass over rocks.
  • Hover Craft: An upgrade from the Motor Boat, this model has the ability pass over rocks and is slightly faster.
  • Turbo Ski: This vehicle can not only swim over rocks, but is fast enough to even swim up a waterfall by holding down "Y".
  • Gyrocopter: The only aerial vehicle in the game, the Gryocopter is a helicopter outlined with a wooden barrel. It is a secret vehicle, only given by Funky when all DK Coins are presented to him.
  • Rail Car: Replaces the Minecart and Skull Carts from the previous games, they are used for transportation in certain levels. Railcars can connect to the ceiling of a pipe.


Kong Family

Swanky Kong's updated look.
  • Cranky Kong makes his third appearance in the DKC series in cameos of Swanky Kong's bonus games in the Super Nintendo version. In the game's Gameboy Advance remake he runs his own dojo, Cranky's Dojo.
  • Funky Kong continues his transportation services by running Funky's Rentals, where the Kongs can use his boats to travel the waters of the Northern Kremisphere.
  • Swanky Kong returns from DKC2, running mini-games yet again. He has an updated look as well. Swanky runs his own Sideshow in the Super Nintendo version and Swanky's Dash in the remake.
  • Wrinkly Kong has two different roles depending on which version of Donkey Kong Country 3; in the Super Nintendo version she ran her own Save Cave, where as the name suggests, saves the game, while in the Gameboy Advance remake she cared for Banana Birds in her own Retreat.

Animal Buddies

  • Ellie the Elephant acts as a replacement for Rambi, and she is also found in the very first level. Ellie is not as strong as Rambi, and in fact has a Sneek phobia, but she can suck barrels towards her via her trunk and absorb nearby water as a projectile.
  • Enguarde the Swordfish is completely unchanged from the previous two games, where his bill acts as the ultimate weapon against underwater foes.
  • Parry the Parallel Bird is a rare animal buddy that follows the Kongs from overhead. He flies parallel to them. Parry is usually used to get bonuses.
  • Squawks the Parrot can shoot coconuts from his mouth as a projectile and can fly. He is often used against tougher foes like Buzz.
  • Quawks the Parrot is a rare purple sub-species of Squawks. He can fly like him, but cannot shoot coconut. He can however carry barrels.
  • Squitter the Spider returns from DKC2. He retains his unique web ability, where it can be used as a projectile weapon or platform.

Brothers Bear

Most of the Brothers Bear family artwork.

The Northern Kremisphere is home to the "Brothers Bear" group, a large family of bears that live in log cabins all over the land. They are friendly and often offer items and other services. They all have a unique personality as well.

  • Bachelor (GBA) is an unmarried bear. He is eager for his upcoming date.
  • Baffle is an expert in decoding codes.
  • Barnacle is a former scuba diver. He has a shell collection.
  • Barter operates a swap shop near K3.
  • Bazaar runs a shop, in which the Kongs can purchase essential items that are needed to complete the game.
  • Bazooka is an old war veteran of the "Kremean War" some time ago, and now still lives in barracks in Mekanos.
  • Benny and Björn are twin brothers that operates chairlifts in Razor Ridge.
  • Blizzard is a mountain-climbing polar bear.
  • Blue is a blue colored bear who is lonely and upset. he is upset that everyone forgot about his birthday and no one came.
  • Blunder usually acts like he's overly smart compared to the Kongs
  • Boomer is a demolition expert. He resided in the secret world Krematoa, likely because the other bears thought of him as too dangerous to have around.
  • Bramble is a botanist. He is sad about the fact that Mekanos is destroying the fauna of the area.
  • Brash is a cocky and stereotypical athlete that thinks he is very fast and is happy only when he is undefeated.


Buzzes act much like Zingers.
Sneek is a basic enemy.
A Krimp.

There is a large cast of enemies, many are unique while most replace old enemies from the previous two games.

  • Bazuka is a red Kremling who holds a large, bazooka-like cannon. It acts much like Kannon, except rapidly launches wooden, steel, and TNT barrels from its weapon.
  • Bazza is a barracuda-like fish that appears from holes and swims quickly in a straight line. They usually appear one after another.
  • Booty Bird is a large, balloon-like bird that, when defeated, can give a prize. Prizes range from Bananas to KONG Letters.
  • Bounty Bass is a red, large fish who dwells in some water levels along its counterpart Gleamin' Bream. It acts much like an underwater Booty Bird- it swims slowly, and when defeated (via Enguarde's bill attack), it yields a prize.
  • Bristles replace Spiny from the previous game. Bristles are porcupine enemies that can either be found walking forward, immune to aerial attack, or curled up in a ball, quills outward, and needs to be avoided. The rolling attack is actually somewhat like an Army's rolling attack, only with spiky quills.
  • Buzz act as robotic replacements for Zinger. Their standard color is green and the invincible version is red.
  • Gleamin' Bream are yellow color swaps of Bounty Bass and are found exclusively in one underwater level, increasing visibility.
  • Karbine are owl-like enemies holding a small cannon-like bazooka, much like the enemy Bazuka, except Karbine reside in the level's background and cannot be attacked. In addition, they can follow a Kong and shoot red fireballs only.
  • Klasp is simply a rope-climbing Knocka, in a red TNT-themed color. Contact with one detonates the TNT.
  • Knik-Knak replaces Click-Clack from the previous game. They appears in two different colors, yellow and red, the latter can fly. Yellow Knik-knaks play a important role in the battle against Belcha in Belchas's Barn, where they are used as projectiles.
  • Knocka act as replacements for Klobber. Their attack patterns are very similar, the main difference being cosmetics. Klobbers show their heads, while Knockas' whole bodies stay inside and they only throw their hands up.
  • Kobble are the DKC3 equivalent to Kritter and Klomp of DKC and DKC2 respectively. Kobble simply walks forward, with no main attack pattern, however they are quite rare.
  • Koco act as the DKC3 equivalent to Bitesize. Koco come in two colors- red, who move, and green which are stationary.
  • Koin is a green, shield-wielding Kremling who possess a DK Coin as a shield. There is a Koin in every single level, in addition to a steel barrel nearby, which is used to defeat it. In order to do so, one must throwthe steel keg to a wall and bounce it off to the Koin's back. Koins always direct their shields to the area of the nearest Kong.
  • Koindozer is a rare, purple variation of Koin. Koindozers move, charging straight at the Kongs, often into a pit. Koindozers are exclusive to one level.
  • Kopter are yellow, aerial Kremlings who carry twin helicopter blades. Their main attack pattern is to twirl them around, levitating, and they cannot be defeated. A beta version of the game gave the Kopters an idle pose on the ground and a diving based attack.
  • Krimp act much like Klap Trap and Klampons of the previous games. Krimp are purple, fierce Kremlings that have very large jaws.
  • Krosshair only appears in one level in the game, called "Krack Shot Kroc". In this level, an aiming cursor will stalk Dixie Kong and Kiddy Kong (who are transformed into Squitter the Spider) and attempts to blast them. Krosshair can be fooled into shooting an enemy in the level.
  • Krumple act as the DKC3 generation of Krusha and Kruncha. Krumples sually try to attack by charging into Kiddy and Dixie. Krumples usually appear in waterfall or cave levels. Since Krumples are much like Krushas, Kiddy cannot defeat Krumple with his rolling attack, and Dixie is completely powerless against it. However, Kiddy's jump attack, barrels, and most animal buddies can defeat it.
  • Kuchuka is a purple, stationary Knocka that throws grenades. These explosive weapons are deadly to the touch and Kuchunka cannot be defeated, and are usually out of attack range.
  • Kuff 'n' Klout are two large, beefy, light-brown Kremlings found in few levels. Their weaknesses are a TNT Barrel and Squitter's web projectiles. They have two moves, running quickly and doing a high leapfrog
  • Lemguin, whose name is a pun of "penguin", are penguin enemies exclusive to only one snow level. Lemguins simply slide down a snow slope to attack.
  • Lurchin, whose name is a pun of "urchin", are sea enemies only found in water levels and water parts of a level. They can stay stationary or move vertically, opening and closing their shell periodically.
  • Minkey reside on the sides of trees, throwing acorns at the Kongs, trying to hurt them.
  • Nibbla are carnivorous fish that come in a red or blue color. Red stalk the Kongs, often on boardwalk levels, waiting for them to drop down into the water and get eaten.
  • Re-Koil is a yellow breed of Kobble that have spring-like tails, and are often found hopping around levels.
  • Sneek act as the Gnawtys and Neeks of the game, simply walking forwards with no direct attack method other than that. Sneek are notably more realistic looking than Gnawty and Neek. Also, Ellie the Elephant has a phobia of Sneeks.
  • Skidda is a purple breed of Kobble that simply slide (or "skid") back and forth in snowy levels.
  • Swoopy are woodpecker enemies whose main attack is to wait for a Kong to come by and dive into them, beak first. Typically, they end up getting their beaks stuck in a tree, and become a platform instead.
  • TNT Knocka only appears in the Gameboy Advance remake of DKC3. They are simply red Knockas who upon contact explode. Beta elements found in the game's coding suggests it was initially planned for the original SNES version of the game.


As with the previous two games, a boss is fought at the end of each world. The GBA port added a new world and thus a new boss. The boss of Razor Ridge was changed to the new boss, Kroctopus, and Pacifica now has Barbos. They are in order of appearance:

  • Belcha is a giant living Wooden Barrel. He resides in Lake Orangatanga.
  • Arich is a giant red-colored tarantula that hangs by a web, capable of spitting green balls of venom. He resides in Kremwood Forest.
  • Squirt looks somewhat like a gigantic slug, he dwells behind a waterfall in Cotton Top Cove, his only weakness his eyes.
  • KAOS is a large, jet-propelled robot and the apparent new master of the Kremling Krew. He possesses a large array of weapons.
  • Bleak is a large evil snowman. His main attack pattern is to stay at a distance and throw snowballs or get up close and fire cannonball-like snowballs from his hat. He lives in the sinister-looking north-east area of K3.
  • Barbos is a giant Lurchin, She is apparently the mother of them. She resides in a lake of Razor Ridge
  • Kroctopus (GBA) is a giant, green monster.
  • Baron K. Roolenstein is the final boss of the game.

Worlds and Levels

Lake OrangatangaKremwood ForestCotton Top CoveMekanosK3Razor RidgeKAOS KoreKrematoaWrinkly's Save CaveFunky's RentalsBazaar's General StoreBlunder's BoothBarter's Swap ShopBramble's Bungalow
Northern Kremisphere. Click an area to open the relevant article.

World 1 - Lake Orangatanga

  1. Lakeside Limbo
  2. Doorstop Dash
  3. Tidal Trouble
  4. Skidda's Row
  5. Murky Mill
B. Belcha's Barn

World 2 - Kremwood Forest

  1. Barrel Shield Bust-Up (SNES version)/Springin' Spiders (GBA version)
  2. Riverside Race
  3. Squeals on Wheels
  4. Springin' Spiders (SNES version)/Barrel Shield Bust-Up (GBA version)
  5. Bobbing Barrel Brawl
B. Arich's Ambush

World 3 - Cotton Top Cove

  1. Bazza's Blockade
  2. Rocket Barrel Ride
  3. Kreeping Klasps
  4. Tracker Barrel Trek
  5. Fish Food Frenzy
B. Squirt's Showdown

World 4 - Mekanos

  1. Fire-Ball Frenzy
  2. Demolition Drain-Pipe
  3. Ripsaw Rage
  4. Blazing Bazukas
  5. Low-G Labyrinth
B. KAOS Karnage

World 5 - K3

  1. Krevice Kreepers
  2. Tearaway Toboggan
  3. Barrel Drop Bounce
  4. Krack-Shot Kroc
  5. Lemguin Lunge
B. Bleak's House

World 6 - Razor Ridge

  1. Buzzer Barrage
  2. Kong-Fused Cliffs
  3. Floodlit Fish
  4. Pot Hole Panic
  5. Ropey Rumpus
B. Barbos' Barrier (SNES version)/Kroctopus Krush (GBA version)

World 7 - Pacifica (GBA version only)

  1. Dingy Drain-Pipe
  2. Stormy Seas
  3. Sunken Spruce
  4. Cliffside Blast
  5. Ripcurl Reef
  6. Surf's Up
B. Barbos' Barrier

World 7 (8 in GBA version) - KAOS Kore

  1. Konveyor Rope Klash
  2. Creepy Caverns
  3. Lightning Lookout
  4. Koindozer Klamber
  5. Poisonous Pipeline
B. Kastle KAOS

World 8 (9 in GBA version) - Krematoa

  1. Stampede Sprint
  2. Criss Kross Cliffs
  3. Tyrant Twin Tussle
  4. Swoopy Salvo
  5. Rocket Rush
B. Knautilus

List of changes in the Game Boy Advance port


There are many differences between the SNES version and the GBA version.

  • The overall maps has been tweaked in some areas due to new additions and changes to them (i.e. there are no Save Caves so maps lack them and were replaced).
  • Wrinkly Kong can only be found in Wrinkly's Retreat between Funky's Rentals and Bazaar's General Store.
  • The other areas where Wrinkly was are now replaced by Cranky's Dojo, where the player can play a minigame to earn a Banana Bird.
  • There is a new soundtrack for the remake.
  • The game introduces a new world: Pacifica.
  • Barnacle is relocated to Pacifica while Bachelor now takes residence in Lake Orangatanga.
  • After completing Mekanos, the player can visit Bramble anytime to receive a Banana Bird.
  • Funky Kong now has four minigames, depending on how many vehicles the player can rent.
  • Swanky Kong now runs a virtual reality machine that only Dixie Kong can play. The player has to collect a certain number of stars to earn a Banana Bird.
  • Swanky Kong's sprite was recycled from Donkey Kong Country 2.
  • When defeating a Koin, the DK Coin is obtained automatically after defeating it.
  • After beating Mekanos and Cotton-Top Cove, the player now has the option of being in either K3, Razor Ridge, and Pacifica.
  • Barbos has been relocated to Pacifica while Kroctopus now inhabits Razor Ridge.
  • The houses that the Brothers Bear live in and the bears themselves have been redesigned. Also, the same music is heard in every house and no longer changes according to the bear. (The music piece is also shared with Funky's Rentals, Swanky's Dash, and Wrinkly's Retreat.)
  • In addition, a new bear called Bachelor was added, and some new items were added and the trading pattern was tweaked.
  • Oddly, Blizzard is now a grizzly bear, as opposed to the original, where he is a polar bear.
  • Unlike the GBA remakes of Donkey Kong Country and Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest, this game doesn't feature the Scrapbook and the pictures for the player to collect.
  • There are now 5 extra banana birds to collect, increasing the total to 20.
  • The outside of Kastle KAOS is redesigned, and it no longer has a pink glow emitting from its highest tower.
  • The world maps show a closer view of the Kongs than in the original.
  • When Knautilus is unlocked in the Super Nintendo version, the background of areas in Krematoa turns red. However, this does not happen in the Game Boy Advance version. Also missing is the small bridge connecting the Knautilus to the ground.
  • The final level, Rocket Rush, has an increased difficulty, as red Buzzes damage the Rocket Barrel when touched, and there is no Star Barrel at any point of the stage.
  • Enemies now have recycled sound effects from the previous two games instead of their deeper ones in the original DKC3 (for example, a Kobble when defeated in the SNES version sounds somewhat like Krusha, but in the remake the sound effect is a recycled Kritter noise).


Super Nintendo

Cheats can be typed in by highlighting a game file on the file select screen and pressing a button combination of "L", "R", "R", "L", "R", "R", "L", "R", "L", "R". A five-character entry field then appears, and any of these codes can be typed in:

  • ASAVE: The game auto-saves after each level is finished.
  • COLOR: Dixie's clothes were changed purple and Kiddy's jumpsuit bright green.
  • ERASE: Erases the Riverside Race race record.
  • HARDR: Every DK Barrel is removed, and if a Kong is missing, the player starts every level with both Dixie and Kiddy. The maximum game percentage was changed from 103% to 104%. This code is only effective on a blank game file.
  • LIVES: The Kongs begin with fifty extra lives.
  • MERRY: The Bonus Level theme changes to a Holiday-based tune: "Jangle Bells". The stars are replaced by Christmas ornaments and the green bananas to presents.
  • MUSIC: A "Sound Test" screen pops up with full tracks of the game's music.
  • TUFST: Identical to the HARDR cheat except that both Star Barrels and DK Barrels are removed. The maximum percentage is also now 105 percent.
  • WATER: The Kongs can go behind a waterfall, north of Bazaar's General Store. Inside they do a crystal pattern challenge, based on the Banana Bird Caves, to receive every Bonus Coin. The Kongs only have a single opportunity to win.

Game Boy Advance

The Game Boy Advance re-release has a new "Cheats" menu. Unlike the original, the menu is accessible without a specific button combination. These codes can be entered on the screen's entry field:

  • AQUA: Dixie and Kiddy receive all 98 Bonus Coins. This code is based on the original version's WATER code.
  • EXTRAS: An "EXTRAS" menu is accessible from the main menu. It features the Cranky's Dojo, Funky's Rentals, and Swanky's Dash mini-games.
  • HARDER: Identical to the original's HARDR code.
  • KREDITS: The player views the game's staff credit roll.
  • MONKEY: Identical to the original's LIVES code.
  • MUSIC: Identical to the original version's code, except that the scenery does not change.
  • TUFFER: Identical to the original's TUFST code.

The codes ASAVE, COLOR, ERASE, and MERRY from the original do not return in this version. ASAVE was replaced by a "Save game" option on the world map menu.


For the game's gallery, see Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!/gallery.


  • The subtitle of Donkey Kong Country 3 was initially "Dixie's Double Trouble".
  • In this game, Wrinkly Kong is sometimes playing Super Mario 64 on her Nintendo 64. A remixed version of the song "Inside the Castle Walls" from SM64 can be heard while she plays it.
  • DKC3's Gameboy Advance remake is the only remake to feature an entirely different soundtrack from its original. Given this, and an entirely new world, many tweaked roles and features of NPC allies and new sound effects for characters, could make the game's GBA remake the most drastic change in the remakes of the DKC series.
  • The Gameboy Advance remake is the only Donkey Kong Country remake to not feature a Scrapbook.
  • The concept of Dixie rolling on Kiddy like a Steel Keg seems to have inspired the ability to do so with Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong in Donkey Kong Country Returns.
  • Cranky Kong makes his first playable role in the Donkey Kong series in the GBA version in Cranky's Dojo.
  • This is the only game in the Donkey Kong Country series to not feature Rambi at all.
  • This is the only game in the Donkey Kong Country series where Diddy Kong is not a playable character.
  • In the SNES version, the areas where the bosses dwell seem to be making angry faces.


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