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ExitIsNearSign.png Koindozer Klamber ExitSign.png
World KAOS Kore
Type Jungle
Theme Jungle Jitter
Notable features Only level to feature Koindozers.
Bonus level(s) 2
Animal Buddies None
Enemies encountered Bazuka

Game Donkey Kong Country 3

Koindozer Klamber is the fourth level of KAOS Kore, which is the final world of Donkey Kong Country 3 (excluding Krematoa).


Koindozer Klamber features mainly Koindozers, a sub-species of Koin. They guard most ledges and try to shove Dixie and Kiddy down the surrounding pits.




After the Kongs exit the second Bonus Level, they end up on a Koindozer's plate. Koin is on the ledge above it. A Bazuka is firing normal barrels at it, which do not harm it. This means that Dixie and Kiddy must jump on the barrels to cross an abyss, land on the ledge Bazuka is on, and grab on a konveyor belt. The two must then jump to the top-left at an S Barrel for Bazuka to fire Steel Kegs rather than barrels. They must then backtrack to Koin and either be atop or left of it for the Steel Kegs defeat it. Koin then gets defeated and relinquishes its DK Coin.

Bonus Levels[edit]

  1. Collect 30 Stars!: Midway in the level, Dixie and Kiddy end up at a ledge, where a Bazuka shoots barrels at. They must bounce on them to cross a pit, then grasp on to a konveyor rope and finally jump to the top-left of it and into the Bonus Barrel. The Kongs' goal in the Bonus Level is to accumulate all thirty stars; they can reach them by jumping from each three Koindozers' steel plate. The Koindozers mimic which direction the Kongs move, like Koin, and do not sprint toward them. There are narrow pits which the Koindozers may knock Dixie and Kiddy in, making them lose. Once they collect every star, a Bonus Coin appears at the far end. Upon exiting, the Kongs blast down to the Star Barrel.
  2. Grab 15 Bananas!: Shortly after the letter N is the level's first Re-Koil. The Kongs only have one chance to jump on it and fall left into the Bonus Barrel. (They can also use the Team-up move.) Similar to the previous Bonus Level, Dixie and Kiddy have to hop on each three Koindozers' steel plate to collect an item (this time fifteen green bananas). Like last time, the Kongs must watch out that the Koindozers do not knock them down a pit. They have forty seconds to collect every one; a different banana pops up individually every few seconds or when one is collected. After collecting every green banana, a Bonus Coin appears on the far right side.
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