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Ripsaw Rage

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ExitIsNearSign.png Ripsaw Rage ExitSign.png
World Mekanos
Type Hollow Tree Climber
Theme Treetop Tumble
Notable features Giant saw
Bonus level(s) 2

Enemies encountered Buzz, Sneek, Koin

Game Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!

Ripsaw Rage is the third level of Mekanos, and eighteenth level overall in Donkey Kong Country 3.


Dixie jumps up a tree branch as a Sneek approaches.

Similar to the levels Barrel Shield Bust-Up and Springin' Spiders, Ripsaw Race takes place within two large hollow trees that must be ascended. What makes this level stand out is the fact that in the entirety of the level, a large saw will be sawing down the tree from its bottom upward, while Dixie Kong and Kiddy Kong are inside the trees. Thus, this stage is a race against the saw; touching it will instantly defeat the lead character, as well as enemies. The foes encountered include Buzz, Sneek and Koin. Sneek are the most common enemy, as it appears in the Kongs' way, but they should attack or avoid in anyway possible so they can continue moving upwards.

Getting to the end of the level unlocks the level Blazing Bazukas. It also gives access to the area's Save Cave in the Super Nintendo version, and its Dojo in the Game Boy Advance remake.



Kiddy in front of Koin with a Steel Barrel.
  • Barrels:
  • Bear Coin: 1
  • DK Coin: The level's Koin is found by jumping into a lone banana near the end of the stage that is below a platform. Dixie/Kiddy must be quick to reach it before the saw catches up to them. They will be launched above the area into a secret place with the Steel Barrel and the Koin.
  • K-O-N-G Letters
    • K: At the second tree's entrance.
    • O: Inside the west hollow tree, after a Sneek.
    • N: Between the two trees, shortly beyond the Star Barrel.
    • G: Above a lone banana.

Bonus Levels

  • Find the Coin!: The first bonus barrel is behind a Buzz, which is encountered shortly beyond a Wooden Barrel that can be used to defeat it. The Kongs must jump from branch to branch while avoiding the saw and reach the top to get the Bonus Coin.
  • Grab 15 Bananas!: The second bonus barrel is also guarded by a Buzz, but a Steel Barrel is instead provided to defeat it. The bonus stage takes place within a hollow tree, with the only ground being the saw that is cutting it; An Invincibility Barrel is provided so that the saw can be used as ground. Fifteen green bananas must be amassed within fifteen seconds.


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