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Springin' Spiders

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ExitIsNearSign.png Springin' Spiders ExitSign.png
World Kremwood Forest
Type Hollow Tree Climber
Theme Treetop Tumble
Notable features Nid
Bonus level(s) 2
Animal Buddies Squawks
Enemies encountered Sneek, Minkey, Buzz, Nid, Knik-Knak, Swoopy, Bristles

Game Donkey Kong Country 3

Springin' Spiders is a level in the game Donkey Kong Country 3. In the original Super Nintendo version it is level four of Kremwood Forest, but in the Game Boy Advance adaptation it is the first level of said area.


Squawks flies in the hollow tree.

Springin' Spiders is a level similar in spirit to Barrel Shield Bust-Up given that it takes place inside two giant hollow trees, though the trees featured here seem to be gray and aging. Dixie Kong and Diddy Kong must travel up two trees parallel to each other. In this scenario, this will be done without the help of ropes, but with the spider-enemy Nid. Nid has a small piece of wood on its back and will "spring" into the air when jumped on. They are used to go up higher. Buzzes, green and red, are also common here.

Squawks the Parrot will be accessible in his Animal Barrel, found by jumping down between two branches proceeding the "K" KONG Letter. He can spit nut projectiles to harm the green Buzz, and fly to gain height without the need of Nid. Squawks can also be used to enter a bonus room. Completing this stage gives way to Bobbing Barrel Brawl in the SNES version of the game. In the GBA remake, Riverside Race proceeds this stage.



Kiddy finds Koin in the Gameboy Advance remake.
  • Bear Coin: 6
  • DK Coin: The method to access Koin depends on which version of the game is being played:
    • In the Super Nintendo version, both Kiddy and Dixie must be present in order to access the Koin. Past the Star Barrel, the duo will be ascending the hollow tree on the right, with some Nids and a Red Buzz. The last Nid must be rode to its highest point, and Kiddy must throw Dixie via Team-Up to the ledge northwest. A Steel Barrel is provided to defeat Koin.
    • In the Game Boy Advance remake, the ledge can not be accessed via the Nid. The Kongs should proceed past the Nid and up the left tree until an opening with a TNT Barrel is seen. The TNT Barrel should be used to break open a weak point in the wall northeast of the Koin, which will give way to the Steel Barrel to defeat it.
  • K-O-N-G Letters:
    • K: To the upper right of a Nid.
    • O: The "O" is invisible until touched; above the first Bonus Barrel, have Squawks get rid of the Buzz above it and fly up into the area above and it should be there.
    • N: Found by riding a Red Nid up to the left of a Red Buzz, going up twice, and the "N" should be floating nearby along with an Extra Life Balloon.
    • G: Found by using the Swoopy as a platform to reach the upper branch. Above the branch is the "G".
  • Extra Life Balloon: 1 Red, 1 Green
  • Barrels:

Bonus Levels

The "Collect the Stars!" bonus level.
  • Grab 15 Bananas! -- The first bonus barrel is guarded by a Buzz. Squawks can defeat the Buzz with a well placed nut-spit attack. In the bonus stage, Squawks must fly in a hollow tree with two Red Buzzes inside and grab fifteen green bananas in under 45 seconds. The bottom Buzz is moving horizontally and is just below a hole. The top Buzz does not move, but the bananas are typically found around it. The Bonus Coin is found back at the bottom.
  • Collect the Stars! -- The second bonus barrel is found by jumping down a gap in the east hollow tree. The heroes will have to collect thirty stars under fifteen seconds. Simply jump on the Nid to get the stars going up and once on the top branch jump down to the right to collect the remaining ones. The Bonus Coin is at the bottom right.


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