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Krevice Kreepers

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ExitIsNearSign.png Krevice Kreepers ExitSign.png
World K3
Type Cliff
Theme Rockface Rumble
Notable features This level is infested by Klasps that chase the Kongs.
Bonus level(s) 2
Animal Buddies None
Enemies encountered Klasps, Sneeks, Buzzes, Knocka, Koin

Game Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!

Krevice Kreepers is the beginning level of K3.


Dixie jumps up the tightropes as Klasps climb towards them.

Krevice Kreepers entails Dixie Kong and Kiddy Kong ascending the mountains of K3 via climbing tightropes and jumping on wooden platforms. On some of the tightropes, the explosive Klasp enemies await them, and will attempt to ram into them and explode upon either Kong grabbing their tightrope. They serve as the main obstacle for the stage, and must be jumped over. Also in the stage are a few Buzzes in the climbing segments, two Sneek in the platform jumping segment, and a Knocka that guards the second bonus barrel.

There are some secret areas of the cliffside found by taking detours in the path. For example, there's a long tightrope with a Klasp on it; luring the Klasp out and going behind where it was guarding will lead to the first Bonus Barrel. Another detour will lead to finding the level's Koin. Towards the end of the stage, portions of the level will require Dixie/Kiddy to climb down some tightropes before going up some more, and they must still be wary of the Klasp enemies. Finishing this stage makes a Wrinkly's Save Cave accessible (or a Cranky's Dojo in the Gameboy Advance remake), as well as the Tearaway Toboggan level.



Kiddy defeats the Koin.
  • Banana Bunch: 4
  • Bear Coin: 3
  • DK Barrel: 3
  • DK Coin: The level's Koin is found by taking a detour while ascending up the level, past the "O" Letter. Kiddy must bounce a Steel Barrel against the far right wall and quickly run to the other side so that Koin turns around in time.
  • Extra Life Balloon: 1 Red
  • K-O-N-G Letters:
    • K: In between the first two tightropes of the level.
    • O: Found above a tightrope while progressing through the level normally.
    • N: East of an Arrow Barrel above some Klasp.
    • G: A Klasp above the End of Level Flag guards the "G" Letter.
  • Wooden Barrel: 1

Bonus Levels

  • Collect 30 Stars! -- The first Bonus Barrel is found on the left side of a long tightrope with a Klasp that must be lured out in order to reach it. In the stage, the heroes must amass stars on a tightrope with a Klasp on it within the time limit of 25 seconds.
  • Find the Coin! -- Above the "N" KONG Letter, use a Team-Up throw to reach the east cliff and access the bonus barrel. Twenty seconds are given to reach the upper right corner of the room. There are four tightropes provided, two of which have a Klasp.


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