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Grip & Trip

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World Cave
Type Mine Cart

Bonus level(s) 2
Puzzle Pieces 5
Enemies encountered Tiki Buzz

Game Donkey Kong Country Returns

Grip & Trip is the second level featured in the Cave area. It is optional—after finishing the first level of Cave, the level Bombs Away is also available. Completing Grip & Trip makes Mole Patrol available next.



Grip & Trip begins with a short climbing section. After getting across the gap, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong will be launched to their mine cart. This cart has diamonds filled in it, forcing them to stand on top of the diamonds. Thus, when the Kongs jump, the mine cart does not. They will have to jump over gaps, repeatedly leaping off mine carts that go off into abysses and riding new ones. At about halfway through the level, though, Grip & Trip spices things up by adding a twist; Donkey/Diddy will have to cling on to a grassy surface above them that moves parallel to their mine cart below. The level throws instances where the Kongs must cling to avoid the dangers of the mine track, then jump back down to grab items on the track when viable. The only enemies to appear are Tiki Buzz, posing as aerial obstacles to be avoided or jump on for a height boost to reach certain areas.



The bonus room has various items, including an Extra Life Balloon.
  • Banana Coin: 10
  • DK Barrel: 2
  • Extra Life Balloon: 2
  • K-O-N-G Letters:
    • K: Beyond some Tiki Buzzes, a barrel cannon will launch Donkey/Diddy to the "K".
    • O: Found by taking the upper mine cart after a jump.
    • N: In the middle of some Tiki Buzzes during a grip section. The Kongs must jump down to collect the letter and reach the mine cart below.
    • G: Jump on a Tiki Buzz to reach a barrel cannon. It will launch the heroes to the background, allowing them to get the "G".
  • Puzzle Pieces:
    • 1: Shortly after jumping into the mine cart, there will be a fork in the rails—an upper and lower path. The first piece is found by taking the upper one.
    • 2: Awarded for finishing the first bonus level.
    • 3: Located high above the track—a Tiki Buzz can be jumped off of to reach it.
    • 4: Ground pound a plant to the left of the checkpoint.
    • 5: Right after the "N" letter, on the short track.

Bonus Levels

  • In the only bonus room, there is a barrel moving horizontally below 57 Bananas, 2 Banana Coins, and an Extra Life Balloon. The heroes have thirty seconds to collect them all for an additional Puzzle Piece.


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