Donkey Kong 64

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Donkey Kong 64
Developer(s) Rareware
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platforms Nintendo 64,
Wii U Virtual Console
Release date: USA November 22, 1999[1]
Europe December 6, 1999[2]
Japan December 10, 1999[3]
Australia 2000
Genre Platformer
ESRB:ESRB E.svg - Everyone
Modes 1-4 players
Media 256Mbit (32MB) cartridge
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Donkey Kong 64 is a platform video game developed by Rare and developed by Nintendo, that was released for the Nintendo 64 on November 22, 1999 in the United States.[1] The game is a follow-up to the Donkey Kong Country trilogy for the Super Nintendo.

Donkey Kong 64 is the first Nintendo 64 game to require the N64 Expansion Pak, that was used to fix a "game-breaking bug";[4] The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask is the only other game whose use of the Pak is obligatory.


King K. Rool returns to Donkey Kong Island in a metallic ship called Crocodile Rock. The rebuilt island now contains the Blast-o-Matic, a new invention created by an former Kremling Krew technician: Snide. K. Rool intends to demolish Donkey Kong Island with the Blast-o-Matic, but due to his crew's incompetence, the island collides into a rock, causing the Blast-o-Matic to be destroyed. Crocodile Isle then docks in front of Donkey Kong Island.

In response to the situation, K. Rool orders his Kremling generals abduct Diddy Kong, Tiny Kong, Lanky Kong, and Chunky Kong and steal Donkey Kong's Golden Banana hoard.

Later, Donkey Kong is seen exercising while listening to the DK Rap on his radio. Squawks then appears at his treehouse and informs him K. Rool. DK then heads to Cranky (who plays the role of a mad scientist in this game) and informs him about K. Rool kidnapping his fellow Kongs and stealing his banana hoard. Cranky then offers DK his potions on the adventure, but only if he completes four of his Training Barrel challenges. Once DK completes the challenges, Cranky gives him a Simian Slam potion, which he uses to exit the interior of Donkey Kong Island. Outside, every area was blocked, except for an island near K. Rool's reconstructed island. Inside, DK met K. Lumsy, an enormous Kritter who refused to wreck Donkey Kong Island. DK then agreed to free K. Lumsy, causing K. Lumsy to boisterously celebrate. His tremulous celebration demolishes a boulder clogging the entryway to Jungle Japes.


Image Name Description
5-Banana Coin These coins add five Banana Coins to each Kong's inventory. They can only be found beneath DK Dirt Piles.
Animal Crate If DK jumps in a Rambi crate or Lanky swims into an Enguarde crate, they respectively transform into those Animal Buddies.
Banana Camera film - DK64.png
Banana Camera Film Banana Camera film is film reel for the Banana Fairy's Camera, and it captures photographs of Banana Fairies.
Banana Balloon - Donkey Kong 64.png
Banana Balloon These color-coded balloons consist of ten bananas for the active Kong.
Banana Bunch Coin Like the bananas, Banana Bunch Coins appear in five different colors, one color per Kong. They are used as currency in the game at Cranky's Lab, Funky's Armory, and Candy's Music Shop. There are 949 Banana Coins in the game.
Banana Medal For every 75 bananas collected, a Banana Medal is received. After fifteen are accumulated, Cranky allows the player to play the classic Jetpac video game.
Banana colour.gif
Banana Bananas appear in five different colors: yellow for DK, red for Diddy, blue for Lanky, purple for Tiny, and green for Chunky. They either show up individually, are bunched in a group of five, or packed in a group of ten inside of a Banana Balloon. In each world a certain amount of bananas should be fed to Scoff to elevate Troff, both on a pulley-like machine, to a boss door's keyhole. Upon doing so, Troff unlocks the boss door.
Battle Crown.png
Battle Arena Crown The Kongs receive a Battle Arena Crown for every survival against the Kremlings in a battle arena within a certain time period. There are ten Battle Arena Crowns in the game; four are needed to open a rising door leading to K. Rool's throne room. All ten crowns are necessary to add up to the game's 101 percent completion.
Dk key.gif
Boss Key There are eight Boss Keys in the game; each key unlocks a padlock of K. Lumsy's cage. After each one is unlocked, K. Lumsy is freed from his cage. The Kongs are rewarded a Boss Key for defeating a boss.
Headphones - Donkey Kong 64.png
Candy's Headphones Candy's Headphones replenish the amount of times a Kong can perform on his or her instrument.
Crystal Coconut Crystal Coconuts are a power source for each Kong's Kong Barrel move, which can be purchased at Cranky's Lab as the game progresses. A Kong's move wears out if he or she loses every Crystal Coconut.
DK Dirt Pile - DK64 Guide.png
DK Dirt Pile Underneath a DK Dirt Pile is a 5-Banana Coin. It unearths if the active Kong uses the Shockwave move taught by the Banana Fairy Princess.
Golden Banana.jpg
Golden Banana Golden Bananas have a pivotal role in the game. The player must recover the Golden Bananas stolen from the Banana Hoard. They also allow the Kongs to bypass B. Locker and access more worlds. Each world contains twenty-five Golden Bananas, five per Kong.
Melon Crate - Donkey Kong 64.png
Melon Crate Melon Crates reveal four watermelon slices that replenish a whole watermelon of the Kongs' health meter.
Nintendo Coin.png
Rareware Coin.png
Nintendo Coin/Rareware Coin Both coins are required to open an automatic door in Hideout Helm that houses the final Boss Key. The Nintendo Coin is earned for completing the Donkey Kong arcade game twice, while the Rareware Coin is earned by scoring at least 5,000 points in Jetpac at Cranky's Lab.
Orange Grenade - Donkey Kong 64.png
Orange The game's oranges have an equivalent role to grenades.
Supply Crate - Donkey Kong 64.png
Supply Crate Supply Crates encase the active Kong's shooter ammo. Each crate contains five doses of ammo.
Watermelon - Donkey Kong 64.png
Watermelon Watermelons serve as the Kongs' health meter. Each meter can be replenished by watermelon slices. If a Kong is hit, either one or two slices is depleted from the health meter. If every slice is lost, the game restarts the stage that the active Kong is currently in.


There are a few barrel variations the Kongs stumble upon in their adventure. There are four main types:

Image Name Description
Bonus Barrel DK64.png Bonus Barrel Transports the active Kong to a bonus stage. If completed, the Kongs receive a Golden Banana.
Barrel donkey.jpg Cranky's Kong Barrels These barrels allow a Kong to perform their special unique move; the move has to first be provided to them by Cranky. These moves are fueled by Crystal Coconuts.
Steel Keg & Chunky - Fungi Forest.png Steel Keg Three Steel Kegs appear in one of Fungi Forest's mills. They can only be lifted by Chunky.
Tag Barrel.png Tag Barrel Tag Barrels allow the player to select a different Kong to play as. A few of them are found in each world.
TNT Barrel DK64.png TNT Barrel TNT Barrels are explosive barrels used against Army Dillo and Dogadon as an attack. Either boss is defeated if a Kong hurls enough TNT Barrels at one. Kaboom, one of the game's enemies, dwells in a TNT Barrel.


Image Name Description
Kong Switch - Donkey Kong 64.png Kong Switch A Kong Switch depicts either one of the five Kongs. Only the depicted Kong can activate the switch by either Simian Slam (green switch), the Super Simian Slam (blue switch), or the Super Duper Simian Slam (red switch). The switch often allows the Kongs to access new areas.
Target Switch - Donkey Kong 64.png Switch Switches have an identical role to Kong Pads. Every one depicts a certain weapon ammo that is necessary to hit it. It has either a coconut (DK's Coconut Cannon), a peanut (Diddy's Peanut Popguns), a grape (Lanky's Grape Pipe), a feather (Tiny's Feather Bow), or a pineapple (Chunky's Pineapple Launcher).
Wall Switch - Donkey Kong 64.png Wall Switch A Wall Switch has the same effect as a normal switch does. There are only two variations of the switch for Diddy and Chunky respectively. Only Chunky can activate a switch depicting him, by using his Primate Punch move. Diddy uses Chimpy Charge to activate his appropriate Wall Switches.


Image Name Description
Bananaport Pad - Donkey Kong 64.png Bananaport Pad Two identically numbered (either 1 through 5) Bananaport Pads can be interchangeably used by the Kongs to rapidly transport through an area. Both identically-numbered pads are only usable once the Kongs have stepped on both of them.
Battle Arena Pad - Donkey Kong 64.png Battle Arena Pad Battle Arena Pads are steel-plated pads with a mugshot of K. Rool on them. They transport the Kongs to a battle arena where they fight Kremlings for a certain period of time for a Battle Arena Crown.
DK Pad - Donkey Kong 64.png Cranky's Kong Pad After a specific Kong learns a specific move from Cranky, he or she can perform that move by standing on an appropriate pad depicting him or her.
Music Pad - Donkey Kong 64.png Music Pad Each Music Pad depicts a specific Kong's musical instrument on it. The appropriate Kong must step onto the pad and play their instrument. Performing on a pad usually opens up a blocked passageway. The Music Pad does not diminish the Kongs' musical energy.






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