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Super Smash Bros. Brawl

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Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Super smash bros brawl.jpg
The US boxart for Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Developer(s) Sora
HAL Laboratory
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platforms Wii
Release date: Japan January 31, 2008
USA March 9, 2008
Europe June 27, 2008
Australia June 26, 2008
Genre Fighting
ESRB:ESRB T.png - Teen
PEGI:PEGI 12.png - 12+
Modes 1-4 players
Input Wii Remote
Wii Remote + Nunchuk
Classic Controller
GameCube Controller

Super Smash Bros. Brawl is a Nintendo game for the Wii. Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong both appear as fully playable characters in this game. It is the sequel to Super Smash Bros. Melee and is the third game of the Super Smash Bros. fighting series, and the only one currently for the Nintendo Wii. It incorporates characters from many different Nintendo games and is the first to have "third party" characters, Sonic the Hedgehog from the series of the same name and Solid Snake from the Metal Gear Solid series.

Donkey Kong is currently 21st place on the tier list due to his well rounded attacks, good mobility, good range and incredible finishers, but is the easiest to be chainthrowed and has a problem dealing with some projectiles. Diddy Kong is currently 4th place on the tier list for having Bananas, which can penetrate even the tightest defense, a decent recovery, and quick attacks.

Relevance to DK series


Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong appear as characters in the game, with Diddy making his first appearance in the series and DK returning as a veteran from the two previous games.

Hackers of the game have found an unfinished package for Dixie Kong, implying that she was once planned as a playable character.

Donkey Kong


Donkey Kong is a heavyweight character, and his traits haven't changed much from the previous games. DK returns as the second heaviest character in the game, making him hard to KO but easy to hit and to combo. As with most heavyweights in the fighting genre, DK's best moves are slow, but very powerful. He is famous for his forward grab, where he picks the foe up as if he were holding a regular Barrel, and can even walk around and throw the foe at will, once he has them.

Diddy Kong


Diddy enters the brawl as a lightweight, agile character, as he has been concepted in various games prior to Brawl. He differs greatly from DK, as he is very fast and has a surprising amount of combos and known strategies. In fact, according to Brawl's tier list, he is ranked 4th overall, while DK is 21st. He is well known for his ability to use Bananas for stage control, as well as his Peanut Popgun and Rocketbarrels.

Subspace Emissary

Donkey Kong

The Koopa Troop and Bowser steal Donkey Kong's Banana Hoard as a Hammer Bro. drives a cargo which contains all the bananas of Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong watches him from a cliff. Hammer Bro. and the Goombas aboard the car spot Donkey Kong and shoot Bullet Bills at him. However, Diddy Kong comes out from a bush and with his Peanut Popguns, shoots the Bullet Bills. Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong then follow the Hammer Bro. to retrieve the Banana Hoard. After following him, they see Bowser with a strange type of gun called a Dark Cannon, revealing that he is working for the Subspace Army. As Bowser charges the cannon, Donkey Kong charges his Giant Punch then launches Diddy to the sky and out of the way, sacrificing himself as Bowser shoots him which turns him into a trophy. Later Diddy Kong, Fox McCloud and Falco Lombardi meet up on a ship which was carrying Donkey Kong as a trophy, taken to a mysterious floating island. Falco then helps Diddy by following it with his Arwing and having the little Kong with him. He then drops him and Diddy gets on his Rocket Barrel and takes out his Popguns and shoots the ship. After seeing this, Captain Falcon and Olimar decide to help him and jump to the ship where Diddy frees Donkey Kong then all four fight the Primids and other enemies.

The ship takes them inside a factory producing Subspace Bombs, and encounter various R.O.B.s that happen to live on the island. They later meet up with Pikachu and Samus Aran where they see the Ancient Minister and a whole lot of R.O.B.s. After Ganondorf controls the R.O.B.s into activating all of the Subspace Bombs, the Ancient Minister is shown to be R.O.B., the leader of all the lesser R.O.B.s who were forced to work for the Subspace Army. R.O.B. then fights with the others. When trying to escape, Captain Falcon calls for his Falcon Flyer and tries to leave the cave when Meta-Ridley appears and they must fight him. After that they all meet up with the others.

Donkey Kong and the other heroes enter Subspace and meet Tabuu, who turns everyone into trophies with his Off Waves. However, King Dedede had anticipated this and created badges that revived certain fighters back into their original form. With his team consisting of Luigi and Ness, Dedede rescues Donkey Kong and most of the others, although some of them were rescued by Kirby. They also recruit Bowser, Ganondorf, and Wario when they learned about Tabuu. At the end of the Great Maze, Sonic the Hedgehog shows up and helps weaken Tabuu's Off Waves so Donkey Kong and the others would be able to beat him.

Diddy Kong

In the Jungle, Diddy Kong helps Donkey Kong recover bananas stolen from the Koopa Troopa, only to have Bowser appear and attempt to use his Dark Cannon on the Kongs. Donkey knocks Diddy away to safety before anything happens, however. At the Lake, Diddy encounters Rayquaza, teams up with Fox McCloud by force, and fights False Bowser, but they end up fleeing from the real Bowser. As they reach the Swamp, Bowser successfully attacks Diddy and clones him into False Diddy Kong. After Diddy is revived, he defeats the clone and teams up with Falco Lombardi, again by force.

Upon discovering that Donkey is being taken to the Island of the Ancients, Falco drops Diddy off in order for the little Kong to rescue him. After receiving help from Captain Falcon and Captain Olimar to fend of the Subspace Army, all four of them end up at the Subspace Bomb Factory. Upon meeting Samus and Pikachu, R.O.B. reveals himself just before they are forced to evacuate the island as it is sucked into Subspace.

In Subspace, Tabuu turns all of the gathered heroes, including Diddy, into trophies. However, Diddy is among the fighters rescued by King Dedede and his team before they all head into the Great Maze to defeat Tabuu and save the world, along with help from Sonic the Hedgehog.

Trophies and Stickers

Many elements from the DK series appear as collectible trophies or stickers. A majority of the Animal Buddies and Kongs from DKC, in particular, make appearances as collectible trophies or stickers. While trophies help players complete the game 100%, stickers can be equipped to the Kongs to help them through the Subspace Emissary.


Jungle Japes in Brawl

Jungle Japes, 75m, and Rumble Falls appear as stages in the game, where brawls can be fought.

Codec Conversations

Donkey Kong:

  • Snake: Otacon, there's a gorilla wearing a tie here. He's huge.
  • Otacon: That's Donkey Kong. As you can tell, he's got strength to spare. He may be king of the jungle, but he lives in a house just like you or me. And he seems pretty smart—well, for an ape, anyway. The Donkey Kong who fought that epic battle with Mario was this guy's grandfather.
  • Snake: That was a long time ago. What about this Donkey Kong? Does he get along with Mario?
  • Otacon: Nope, they're still at it. Seems like they're always competing in something—kart racing, sports, you name it.
  • Snake: A chip off the old block...

Remark: they state that Cranky Kong is the original Donkey Kong. This phenomena probably has something to do with the mythical properties of DK and Mario.

Diddy Kong:

  • Snake: Otacon, there's a chimpanzee here wearing a Nintendo hat.
  • Otacon: That's Diddy Kong. He's Donkey Kong's partner. Not only is he lightweight, he can use a wide range of weapons as well. He can fly using those barrel jets on his back, and he can shoot nuts with his Peanut Popgun.
  • Snake: Peanuts? As in the ones in the little shells? Are you serious?
  • Otacon: Wait, here's the best part. You see them lying on the ground after he shoots? If you pick up some of those peanuts, they'll restore your health a little.
  • Snake: Hmm. Edible ammunition, huh... Times sure have changed...


  • 25m BGM
  • Battle for Storm Hill
  • Bramble Blast - Received by collecting CD
  • Donkey Kong
  • Donkey Kong Jungle 1 Theme (Barrel Blast)
  • Jungle Level
  • Jungle Level Ver.2
  • King K. Rool/ Ship Deck 2
  • The Map Page/ Bonus Level


CD's appear in Super Smash Bros. Brawl as a way to unlock new music.

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