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Donkey Kong Circus

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Donkey Kong Circus
The Donkey Kong Circus game.
Developer(s) Nintendo
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platforms Game & Watch
Release date: September 6, 1984
Genre Single screen
Modes Game A, Game B

Donkey Kong Circus is a 1984 Game & Watch game which is part of the Panorama series. It appears to be a prequel to the Donkey Kong arcade game. It is an almost identical re-release of the Mickey Mouse Game & Watch game in terms of mechanics.


This game features Donkey Kong balancing on a barrel and juggling pineapples. He must juggle three pineapples upward, so they don't smash on the floor, and avoid flames coming out of oil drums. Mario watches Donkey Kong do this, and jumps up and down if he fails.


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