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Diddy Kong Pilot (2001)

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For the 2003 beta release, see Diddy Kong Pilot (2003).
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Diddy Kong Pilot
Developer(s) Rareware
Publisher(s) None (Nintendo rejected the title)
Platforms Game Boy Advance
Release date: Japan: Cancelled (planned on February 2002[1])
USA: Cancelled (Planned on March 4, 2002[2])
January 13, 2013
Genre Racing

Diddy Kong Pilot is a cancelled Game Boy Advance video game developed by Rareware. It is likely a spin-off to Diddy Kong Racing given how the characters race in planes.

This game was later changed entirely to another game of the same name, which itself was later changed to a Banjo-Kazooie title Banjo-Pilot.


Diddy Kong Pilot was first shown at E3 2001 as a part of the Game Boy Advance lineup. It later was slated for a release date of March 4, 2002.[3]

Similar to WarioWare: Twisted!, Diddy Kong Pilot would have had a built-in tilt sensor that allows the player to pilot a character; the other option was to utilize the D-pad. The game also featured a "Stories" mode during development, in which most characters had their own Adventure mode to play through.[4] Eventually some Rareware employees stopped developing Diddy Kong Pilot to work on two other Game Boy Advance titles: Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge and Sabre Wulf. The tilt function was scrapped for being deemed problematic and the "Stories" mode was also eventually dropped.[3]

Another scrapped feature was a hillbilly Kong character named Redneck Kong.[5] An ex-Rare employee stated that Redneck never received an official name; he referred him as "Crappy Kong".[6] Candy Kong appeared to be replacing him in the ROM release build.[7]

The game was planned to be published by Nintendo, but they rejected the title. They found "no point in flying up and down on flat levels". Some Rare employees believed the company was prejudiced, since it occurred around the time of the Microsoft purchase.[5] The game was likely cancelled before E3 2002 because it was not showcased there.

On September 15, 2011, a former Rareware employee posted never-before seen gameplay footage of the game on YouTube; later taken offline. A ROM release of the same build occurred on January 13, 2013.


Since the game was not far in development, glitches occur; only the title screen has music and most of the courses are unfinished. Also, some courses are all still glitched. The modes in the game include a racing mode, story mode, dogfight mode, battles mode, a Clock Race mode and a Options mode for the player to alternate between the tilt function and the D-pad.



DKP Character Select.png


  • Rockets: These can be used to slow down players.
  • Rocket Boost: These can be used to speed up temporarily.
  • Peanuts: These can be used to shoot opponents into the ground.
  • Magnet: These can be used to make the player pass others when close by.
  • DK Balloons: These contain an item with Cranky on it. It is unknown what the feature of these are supposed to do.
  •  ? Balloons: They contain regular items.

Racing courses

Sleepy Shores

  • Bounty Beach
  • Farm Attract
  • Jet Set Jungle
  • Beach Race

Kongo Kingdom

  • Swoop Swamp
  • Jungle Race
  • Magma Mainland
  • Haunted Race

Western Wastes

  • Lake Race
  • Lava Race
  • Swamp Race
  • Crackpot Keep

Island of Eggs

  • Vulture Valley
  • Keep Race
  • Lake Race
  • Chicken Chase

Polar Plateau

  • Frosty Lake
  • Farm Race
  • Desert Race
  • Snow Race


King of Kongs

  • Beach Barricade
  • Hair Raising Rescue
  • Peaceful Passage
  • Cranky Panky

Back to the Light

  • Grub Grab
  • Farm Feud
  • Swamp Swoop
  • Dark Tower

K.Rool's Gold

  • Classic Dogfight
  • Fly Like The Wind
  • Snowball Snapshot
  • Flawed Genie'us


  • Classic Dogfight
  • Dawn Duel
  • Classic Variation
  • Focal Feud

Battle stages

  • Jungle Jig
  • Sunset Scrap
  • Ice Escapades
  • Beach Brawl
  • Hatch Match
  • Ghost Grasp
  • Swamp Showdown
  • Wasteland Wipe Out




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