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Jungle Jinx (Donkey Kong Land 2)

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ExitIsNearSign.png Jungle Jinx ExitSign.png
World Lost World
Type Jungle
Theme Stickerbush Symphony

Bonus level(s) 1
Animal Buddies None
Enemies encountered Klampon, Kruncha, Kaboing, Knocka, Spiny, Zinger

Game Donkey Kong Land 2

Jungle Jinx is the introductory level of the Lost World of Donkey Kong Land 2. The next stage is Black Ice Battle.


Diddy is approached by a Kruncha

Jungle Jinx is a jungle level featuring several spike pits and Knocka enemies; Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong must persevere through the jungle by avoiding getting bumped into these pits by Knocka, jumping over gaps with Zingers flying about, and be wary of Kruncha enemies patrolling the area. Early in the level, a hook will be found with a banana trail leading downward; this will lead to the "K" KONG Letter and the level's Bonus Barrel, leading to a tricky Bonus Level with the prize being a DK Coin. In the level, some Banana Coins can be obtained by taking offbeat paths; for example, there is a point in the level where some hooks can be jumped on to progress through the level normally, but making a detour to follow the paths east of the hooks will lead to a Banana Coin on the lower level, and the "O" Letter on the one above it.

Jungle Jinx uses Stickerbrush Symphony as its background music, despite it not being a bramble-based level like Bramble Scramble or Bramble Blast. This is due to poor memory space on the Game Boy; there was not enough space on the cartridge to implement the jungle theme from Donkey Kong Country 2.



Diddy gets to the "G" Letter
  • Banana Coin: 3
  • DK Barrel: 3
  • DK Coin: Obtained in the bonus level, gotten to by going east of the "K" Letter.
  • K-O-N-G Letters:
    • K: Gotten by following a banana trail below a hook with a Zinger nearby.
    • O: Directly underneath the Star Barrel.
    • N: Above a spike pit past the Star Barrel.
    • G: Shortly proceeding a Flitter will be a banana trail that goes downward; Dixie should use her Helicopter Spin to instead jump and go east of the path to grab a hook that will lead her to the "G" Letter.

Bonus Levels

  • Find the Token! -- Found by going east of the "K" Letter. In the stage, ten seconds are allotted to find the DK Coin. There are abysses to jump over, spikes to avoid, and Flitter to jump off of. Some Zingers are encountered, and must also be avoided. The DK Coin is in the far right corner of the area.


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