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Web Woods (Donkey Kong Land 2)

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ExitIsNearSign.png Web Woods ExitSign.png
World Gloomy Gulch
Type Forest
Theme Barrel Bayou

Bonus level(s) 1
Animal Buddies Squitter the Spider
Enemies encountered Flitter, Neek, Klampon, Kruncha, Klomp, Kaboing, Spiny, Zinger

Game Donkey Kong Land 2

Web Woods is the penultimate level in Gloomy Gulch. The last level of the area, which is the fight with Kreepy Krow, is after this level.


Squitter makes a web platform near a Klomp.

Web Woods features the Animal Buddy Squitter the Spider. Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong must get through a short segment of the forest on their own, then become Squitter to get over large abysses and defeat various Zinger enemies found throughout the forest. Ghost Rope are encountered prior to becoming Squitter, marking their last appearance in the game. As Squitter, his ability to make web platforms allows him to cross gaps and find extra items, such as more Bananas, the level's Bonus Barrel, and even the level's DK Coin.



Diddy finds the "K" Letter near Kruncha.

Bonus Levels

  • Find the Token! -- As Squitter, he must get to the other side of an area of the forest within twenty seconds.


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