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Barrel Bayou (Donkey Kong Land 2)

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BarrelBayou DKL2 3.png
World Krem Cauldron
Type Swamp
Theme Barrel Bayou
Notable features Two animal buddies
Bonus level(s) 2
Animal Buddies Rambi the Rhinoceros,
Squitter the Spider
Enemies encountered Flitter, Neek, Kaboing, Klomp, Zinger

Game Donkey Kong Land 2

Barrel Bayou is a level featured in the Krem Quay area of Donkey Kong Land 2. It is the first swamp level of the game, and is accessed by finishing the level Squawks's Shaft. The next level is Glimmer's Galleon.


Rambi jumps off of a Krockhead.

Barrel Bayou is a unique level; it is the first level in the game with Rotatable Barrel, which are used in various barrel cannon segments, and it features two animal buddies. The level begins like a typical DKL2 level, with some Neek and Klomp enemies, and some pits to jump over. Early in the level, the rotatable barrel is introduced. Once entered, it must be aimed, and then manually fired by pressing the "A" button. For a short segment near the Star Barrel, Rambi the Rhinoceros' Animal Barrel can be found and used to transform into Rambi. He can defeat the various Zinger enemies easily. Shortly after the No Animal Sign returning Diddy Kong or Dixie Kong to normal, a Kannonball can be carried into a Kannon, leading to a Bonus Level featuring Squitter the Spider. Barrel Bayou also has some Krockhead enemies throughout the later portion of the level, alongside Flitter.



Rambi gets launched into the DK Coin

Bonus Levels

Squitter in the second bonus room
  • Destroy Them All! -- Diddy or Dixie will have twenty seconds to defeat three Zinger enemies using a Kannonball. The Kremkoin will appear in the middle of the area upon completion.
  • Find the Coin! -- The Kongs must cross an area of the swamp in under twenty seconds to find the Kremkoin. Some Zinger enemies will linger in the way, but an Animal Barrel with Squitter the Spider can be used to help defeat the Zingers and make platforms over the swamp to get to the Kremkoin.


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