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Topsail Trouble (Donkey Kong Land 2)

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ExitIsNearSign.png Topsail Trouble ExitSign.png
World Gangplank Galleon
Type Ship Deck
Theme Lockjaw's Saga

Bonus level(s) 1
Animal Buddies Rattly the Rattlesnake
Enemies encountered Neek, Klomp, Flitter, Kaboing, Zinger, Klinger

Game Donkey Kong Land 2

Topsail Trouble is the fifth level of Donkey Kong Land 2, named after Topsail Trouble in Donkey Kong Country 2.


Rattly's jump can be used to get to areas the Kongs normally cannot, such as the Bonus Barrel seen in this image.

Topsail Trouble takes place on the Gangplank Galleon's masts. Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong need to climb to the top of the ship to its crows nest to face Krow. At the start of the level, Rattly the Rattlesnake is usable. He can use his spring jump to defeat enemies and access higher areas usually out of reach. Rattly is only usable briefly however, and afterwards the level is played in a similar fashion to Mainbrace Mayhem; the Kongs must climb ropes up, navigate up the masts, and avoid Kaptain K. Rool's minions. The shiprats Neek are common, and so is the beetle enemy Click-Clack. On the rope climbing segments, Klingers are almost always there, with more than a dozen Klingers overall in the level. Klingers, as usual, climb up and down ropes. Diddy/Dixie's rope jump can be used to defeat them. Zingers can also be found, usually as obstacles directly in the way that must be avoided.



Dixie finds the ! Barrel. This will make her invincible for a few seconds.
  • Banana Coin: 3
  • Barrels:
    • DK Barrels: 5
    • Animal Barrel for Rattly: At the very start of the level.
    • ! Barrel: Found near the checkpoint; at the ropes, go to the left and climb it until the ! Barrel is within reach.
  • Extra Life Balloons: Found by breaking the Treasure Chest. An additional one is found by avoiding the barrel cannon to the end, and going to the far left.
  • K-O-N-G Letters:
    • K: Right after the first Zinger
    • O: Above a square of rope after a Zinger.
    • N: After two Zingers it should be hovering above a horizontal rope.
    • G: To the left of a Flitter on a rope.
  • Treasure Chest: 1

Bonus Level

  • Destroy Them All! -- Dixie/Diddy will have 30 seconds to defeat four Klingers on ropes. Some nearby Kannonball projectiles are best used for this task. The Kongs could also go on the rope and use their rope jumps to handle the Klingers more up close and personally. The Kremkoin will be at the bottom middle of the room.


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