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For the plant enemy in Donkey Kong Country Returns with the same name, see Chomps (Donkey Kong Country Returns).
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SharkEnemy DKC.png

Chomps' artwork from Donkey Kong Country.
Leader King K. Rool
Homeland Donkey Kong Island
Sub-Species Chomps Jr.

Affiliations Kremling Krew
Enemies Donkey Kong,
Diddy Kong
Games Donkey Kong Country
Donkey Kong Racing (cancelled)
Donkey Kong Barrel Blast
"Don't worry, people, the Chomps police is already here. Where are the appetizers, I mean, suspects?"
—Chomps, German Donkey Kong Country comic[1]

Chomps are big shark-based enemies who reside in the underwater areas of Donkey Kong Island in Donkey Kong Country.


Donkey Kong Country

Chomps debut in the original Donkey Kong Country. Because of a lack of underwater levels, not many Chomps appear in the game. Chomps have the strengh of most other aquatic foes. The Kongs and Enguarde become injured if they touch Chomps. Their sub-species Chomps Jr. appears more often in the game. Both are defeated if stabbed by Enguarde.

Chomps appear in three levels: Coral Capers, Clam City and Croctopus Chase.

Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest

Like the other enemies of Donkey Kong Country, Chomps do not reprise in Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest. However, similar sharks chomp on Kaptain K. Rool after he falls from Crocodile Isle in the game's ending.

Donkey Kong Racing

Chomps make a brief cameo in the E3 2001 trailer of Donkey Kong Racing during the scene where Diddy and Tiny ride on Enguardes.

Donkey Kong Barrel Blast

In Donkey Kong Barrel Blast, Chomps appears as an obstacle in the race track "Open Ocean".

Donkey Kong Country Returns

A similar shark named Snaggles appears in Donkey Kong Country Returns.

Other appearances

Donkey Kong Country comic

In the comic "Donkey Kong Country," two Chomps try to attack Donkey and Diddy. They are supposedly a part of the "Chomp Police". This seems to be a self-promoted position, given that the other underwater creatures dislike them.






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