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Dumb Drum

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DumbDrum DKC.png
Dumb Drum's artwork from Donkey Kong Country.

Residence Kremkroc Industries Inc.
Species Oil Drum
Affiliates King K. Rool
Kremling Krew
Oil Drums
Powers/Abilities Drops down rapidly, spawns enemies
Enemies Donkey Kong
Diddy Kong
Games Donkey Kong Country
"Oh dear! Call that tin can a boss? Surely K. Rool can up with better than that, maybe a bucket or perhaps a really nasty fridge! Come on, you are nearly there now. Just Chimp Caverns to go."
Cranky Kong, (Game Boy Advance version of Donkey Kong Country)

Dumb Drum is a boss in Donkey Kong Country who resides in Kremkroc Industries Inc., in the level labeled "Boss Dumb Drum".

Dumb Drum is heavily based on the Oil Drums which spawn an unlimited amount of a given foe (e.g. Gnawty), but unlike them, Dumb Drum can spawn various enemies. It has a skull and crossbones emblem printed on it, with glowing red eyes. Dumb Drum also has an ability to levitate.


Dumb Drum releases a Kritter (Super Nintendo)

Dumb Drum first crashes on to the ground in an attempt to crush both Kongs, and then head back up to the ceiling. After doing so, it releases two enemies of the same species which the Kongs must defeat. The pattern then repeats itself. Dumb Drum releases these enemies in order, intended to be tougher by each turn: Kritters, Slippas, Klap Traps, Klumps and lastly Armys. Dumb Drum progressively attempts to crush DK and Diddy another time when they defeat the two foes it releases individually.

After DK and Diddy defeat the two Armys, Dumb Drum crashes in the center of the arena and explodes from its top, inexplicably in defeat. The Kongs retrieve a Giant Banana and then progress to Chimp Caverns.

In the Game Boy Advance re-release, a TNT Barrel spawns in the battle arena after the Kongs defeat the two enemies released individually by Dumb Drum. The lead Kong must toss the explosive at Dumb Drum to attack it, otherwise it takes endless attempts to crush both DK and Diddy.





A screenshot from Rare's early website.
  • Dumb Drum's stage is different in the beta Donkey Kong Country and appears have jungle-related scenery.[1]
    • The Pro Action Replay code 7E003E21 forces the player into the aforementioned room. While the "Bad Boss Boogie" theme plays, Dumb Drum remains absent.
  • In the original Super Nintendo version of Donkey Kong Country, the Pro Action Replay code 7E003EE3 takes the Kongs to "Boss Dumb Drum".[2]

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