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Hard Hat

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"Don't rile Buroughs! When he's angry, he's apt to rip off his hard hat and throw it at you. This mad mole is likely to be a major pain."
Donkey Kong Land preview, Nintendo Power Issue 69
BananaCoinIconRight.png Hard Hat BananaCoinIconLeft.png
Hard Hat.png
Leader K. Rool
Homeland Monkey Mountains
Origin of Species Mole

Affiliations Kremlings
Enemies Kongs
Games Donkey Kong Land

Hard Hat, also known as Buroughs in the 69th issue of Nintendo Power, is the third boss of Donkey Kong Land.


Hard Hat throws his hat.

He is fought in the boss level Mad Mole Holes, at the end of Monkey Mountains. Battling Hard Hat is similar to battling King K. Rool since both toss their headgear -- Hard Hat tosses his hat, while King K. Rool tosses his crown. He will pop out of a random hole and throw his hat in an attempt to injure either Donkey Kong or Diddy Kong. Since he doesn't have his hat on, Donkey or Diddy can pounce on him or run over him. He throws his hat faster as the fight progresses. Hard Hat is defeated when he is hit eight times.

Upon defeating Hart Hat, three Banana Bunches will descend from above, as they do for all the other bosses, and Big Ape City will be unlocked.